Are You In Good With Your Boss Quiz?

Posted on November 7, 2014


Editor’s Note: Here is a fun quiz to end the week from Roz Usheroff’s Remarkable Leader Blog.

How did you score?

The Remarkable Leader

Is your relationship with your boss made in heaven, or is it closer to the other place?


Take the following quiz to find out if you are in tight with the top dog or, need to start building your relationship.

Question 1 – Is your boss always looking over your shoulder or, conversely indifferent towards you?

Question 2 – Do you frequently find yourself either excluded from important meetings or are you the last to know in terms of important developments in the company?

Question 3 – Beyond your name and job description, does your boss know anything about you?

superman phone booth

Question 4 – Beyond the fact that they are your boss and sign your paychecks, do you know anything about your boss? Do you know about their career aspirations?

Question 5 – Moving to a more personal side, do you engage in conversations that extend beyond the cordial boss/employee talk?…

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