The Employee’s Guide for Surviving a Merger & Acquisition (Revisited)

Posted on March 25, 2015


Editor’s Note: Kraft merges with Heinz – what will be the impact on the organizations’ respective purchasing departments?

The Remarkable Leader

“I wondered if I would lose my job despite what we were told. We all know when mergers happen there are overlaps, or for other reasons you can get pushed out,” he said.

From MSNBC Careers article “How to survive and thrive after an acquisition” by Eve Tahmincioglu

Back in 2012 when I wrote about the then recent announcement that Kellogg was buying Pringles, I focused on what an acquisition meant to employees on both sides of the transaction fence.

With today’s announcement that two iconic brands – Kraft and Heinz – were merging in a deal that was being backed by Warren Buffet and 3G Capital, I felt that it would be important to once again revisit the implications for employees beyond the headlines.

As highlighted in the above referenced article excerpt, the initial reaction is usually one of fear and trepidation centered on whether you will…

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