Next Week; My Take On Horizon 2017 #HZN17

Posted on October 13, 2017


Earlier this week I was in New Orleans – or the Big Easy as it is better known at Horizon 2017 moderating two discussions featuring expert panelists from around the globe.

The first – which was on the Main Stage was titled Procurement Automation in Postmodern ERP Age. The dialogue was energized as both panelists, and members of the audience exchanged ideas and opinions on the topic of ERP-based procurement and the impact that the emergence of the cloud-based service providers have had on the industry. In an upcoming post, I will share with you the highlights from this session including Gartner’s Magnus Bergfors’ take on what the postmodern ERP era is all about.


On the main stage talking about the Postmodern ERP Era.

Risky Business

In the breakout session later that afternoon, I was joined by panelists Bill Michels who is the CEO of Aripart Consulting, Global Risk Management Solutions’ President Gerard Smith, and Abdullatif Albastaki, Senior Vice President from Emirates NBD to talk about The Evolution of Supplier Risk Assessment and Mitigation.

With virtually every seat filled, I once again facilitated a discussion between the panel and members of the audience that lead to some fascinating revelations including who is ultimately responsible for managing risk within an organization.

I am happy to say that this entire session was recorded and I will be making it available on an on-demand basis as soon as I receive it – which should be sometime this upcoming week.

By the way, who do you think should own risk management within an organization?

HRZ17 MardiGras1

On The Mardi Gras Walk To The House Of Blues


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