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Isn’t It Time We Diched Procurement ‘Savings’ As A Meaningful Measure Of Performance? (Guest Post)

June 13, 2022


Is it time to change the way we measure procurement success?

Getting beyond the Twilight Zone of data access (Series Part 2)

May 12, 2021


When you hear the term data accessibility, what immediately comes to mind? Not what you may think. Read on.

Getting Beyond the Twilight Zone of data uncertainty

May 5, 2021


How confident are you in the quality of your data. Today's article will help you to answer that question.

Are women really on the losing end of government contracts? by Kelly Barner

February 11, 2016


Last week, Jon Hansen ‘tagged’ me in a Twitter exchange about women-owned small businesses and their rate of success in winning public sector contracts. The catalyst article, “Businesses Owned by Women Less Likely to Win U.S. Contracts, Study Shows” was written by Jackie Calmes, and ran on the NY Times on February 2nd. It documents […]

Are you willing to pay? The challenge facing non-profit Associations

August 19, 2015


Originally posted on Commitment Matters:
Last week, Jon Hansen wrote a blog in which he observed that people are increasingly unwilling to pay for content. I responded to him regarding the challenges this represents for organizations that seek to remain objective in the advice they offer – and how it means they must increasingly consider…

VISA Panel Discussion: Building for the way the world should work and the Indian P2P economy by Nilesh Gopali

July 13, 2015


Originally posted on In The Cloud:
Last week I had the great honour of being part of a panel discussion at a VISA AP event in Mumbai, which was focused on the topic of Digital Transformation Driving Business Profitability for Corporates in India. In every such discussion, there are always what I would call highlight…

Vendor Management can Drive Growth & Compliance without Stifling Innovation by Jaideep Sen

May 7, 2015


Editor’s Note: When I read this post that was initially submitted to me in February, the first thought that came to mind was the fact that the author was looking beyond technology in terms of managing vendor relations. This is an important point, in that for far too long our industry has put so much stock […]

NIGP, Periscope by Colin Cram

April 11, 2015


Originally posted on Procurement Insights EU Edition:
Organisations such as NIGP frequently struggle to exist on membership subscriptions alone. They therefore have to find other sources of income. My interpretation of the issues identified by Jon Hansen is that the need for income may have led the NIGP into what appear to be some shady…

Sustainable Procurement: Converting Environmental Impact into Financial Impact By Nick Ford

March 23, 2015


It’s difficult to put a price on pollution. Damage to the environment is something we all end up paying for – through the depletion of resources and decreased quality of life – but how do you assign a figure to that?  In pounds, dollars, yen, euros? Corporations, the world’s biggest polluters, think in terms of […]

What if everyone is wrong about the future of procurement? by Kelly Barner

March 3, 2015


As many Procurement Insights readers already know, Jon and I are writing a book that is equal parts coverage of procurement’s evolution to this point, examination of our current crossroads, and mapping our likely future trajectory. We are by no means the only ones speculating as to how the uncertainty we face today will play […]