VISA Panel Discussion: Building for the way the world should work and the Indian P2P economy by Nilesh Gopali

Posted on July 13, 2015


Editor’s Note: When it comes to eCommerce and the evolution of the B2B supply chain, India seems to be at the leading edge of the transformation that is reshaping the way organizations do business both domestically as well as internationally. I think you will find this article interesting.

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Last week I had the great honour of being part of a panel discussion at a VISA AP event in Mumbai, which was focused on the topic of Digital Transformation Driving Business Profitability for Corporates in India.

In every such discussion, there are always what I would call highlight points that capture both the theme and imagination of the subject matter.

These points, which break away from the standard thinking to blaze new trails of insight, are always powerful.  The Mumbai conference was no different.

If you were to ask me to describe in one simple sentence the big take away from this panel, I would have to direct you to a famous Tweet by American entrepreneur, co-founder and CEO of the $2 billion enterprise cloud company Box, Aaron Levie.

In talking about Uber, Levie wrote that they were a “lesson in building for how the world should work…

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