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Today’s economy: What is the impact on procurement and sourcing and how is it different from the past?

October 29, 2022


Since 1900 the U.S. has weathered 13 recessions - with the worst economic disaster being the great depression which lasted from 1929 to 1939. Procurement has weathered bad economies in the past - why is this time different?

Study from the Sourcing Industry Group and Globality reveals nearly 95% of enterprises still have not modernized their operating models

March 28, 2022


The digital transformation of buying services is taking on new importance. This paper tells you why and how to start your organization’s initiative.

CPO Strategy – Sourcing Solved Survey: Assessing the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the procurement professional

April 9, 2020


How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected you as a procurement professional? Please take a couple of minutes to respond to this survey. The results will be analyzed and shared in a Special Report-Knowledge Note in the next quarter.

Future Purchasing Category Management Survey: Is Category Management Important? by Jon Hansen

May 2, 2014


When I was recently invited to check out the new Category Management Survey from Future Purchasing, I was immediately reminded of an October 2012 Procurement Leaders article by Paul Teague titled “Why category management is important.” While it is a relatively short and concise read, it packs an interestingly powerful punch.  Specifically, and despite being […]

Take The Source One Procurement Professional Survey

July 26, 2012


Thanks for taking the time to complete our Procurement Professional Survey. We value your feedback. Your response will help us conduct research into the current perception of Procurement’s value to internal organizations and will help us to publish information on how savings initiatives are tracked. If you choose to provide your contact information, you will […]