Study from the Sourcing Industry Group and Globality reveals nearly 95% of enterprises still have not modernized their operating models

Posted on March 28, 2022


Are you surprised that a recent study reports that “Only 6% of leading companies have fully embraced digital transformation in buying services?”

“Conversely, those organizations lagging in digitization express concerns in several critical areas, including ongoing access to suppliers, gaps in their influence, and a greater expectation of overall risk.”

Study from the Sourcing Industry Group and Globality (Jan. 2022)

Recognizing that the “year-over-year growth in both 2021 and 2022 to be around 4 percent” for the services market (IDC, 2021), the purpose of this paper is to provide “insights from case studies and practitioner experience to address common barriers to strategy development and solution implementation.”

What was most interesting to me was the challenge to expand our view of how digitization can impact the enterprise beyond cost savings and process improvement. In other words, technology will not only address the functional aspects of what we do but both the existing and emerging strategic imperatives associated with doing business in an increasingly global marketplace.

Use the following link to download the study.

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