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Accessibility to Intelligence and the Power to Act (Binary Fountain)

November 24, 2009


When I came across the Binary Fountain organization as a result of our mutual familiarity with the Commonwealth of Virginia, my initial thought was to view their offering through the lens of quantifying results.  Specifically, by providing timely access to near real-time intelligence, their clients would be able to measure the success of a program […]

Beyond But Not Above Technology: Business Intelligence the Viador Way

August 31, 2009


No doubt you have noted that I have recently been spending a fair amount of my time discussing the importance of Business Intelligence (BI) to an organization in terms of driving best practice or value decision-making on a real-time, real-world basis. While it is easy to fall into the trap of dismissing BI as semantically-based […]

The Future of Business Intelligence: Did Gartner Get It Right?

August 20, 2009


On Friday’s segment “Beyond Business Intelligence Technology: The Importance of Domain Expertise” I will be welcoming Oco’s CEO William (Bill) Copacino who has authored 3 books and more than 150 articles on supply chain management, to discuss the transformational changes that are redefining our understanding of Business Intelligence. The level of preparation that goes into […]