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Top PI Blog Posts Countdown No. 2: Double Marginalization and the Decentralized Supply Chain

November 2, 2012


Editor’s Note: As we approach my 1,000th Procurement Insights blog post (we are now at 999 posts), I have over the past week, been sharing with you the top 5 posts in terms of overall reads. Today’s submission, which ranked number 2 with 13,077 reads, was written on August 9th, 2007.  The focus of the […]

Top PI Blog Posts Countdown No. 3: Is There a Difference Between Purchasing and Procurement? (A PI Q&A)

November 1, 2012


Editor’s Note: As we approach my 1,000th Procurement Insights blog post, over the next week I will be sharing with you the top 5 posts in terms of overall reads. Today’s submission, which ranked number 3 with 8,515 reads, was written on July 21st, 2008.  Posing the simple yet seemingly powerful question “is there a […]

Is Procurement Trying Too Hard? by Kelly Barner

August 22, 2012


One of the interesting stories to come out of the 2012 London Olympics is that some of the badminton teams were disqualified for trying to LOSE matches. That’s not exactly what you expect from the most competitive athletes in the world in any sport. They weren’t trying to lose because they wanted to go home, […]

Austerity Measures: Coming to a Company Near You? by Kelly Barner

July 24, 2012


Today’s economic updates are full of sour news – we hear about faltering stability in the Euro Zone caused by high debt to GDP ratios and high rates of unemployment in Greece, Spain and Italy. North America is dealing with their own economic contraction: both the U.S. and Canada face increasing unemployment, slow job creation, […]

4 Procurement Professional Development Profiles, Part I By Charles Dominick, SPSM, SPSM2

July 9, 2012


Editor’s Note:  Charles is founder, president and chief procurement officer of Next Level Purchasing, which offers the SPSM (Senior Professional in Supply Management) Certification. Be sure to check out Charles’ Purchasing Certification Blog. I was recently reflecting on my final year of college.  During this time, I was interviewing for jobs.  At that time, the […]

For a Taste of Your Whiskey, I’ll Give You Some Advice by Kelly Barner

June 14, 2012


Good old Kenny Rogers, he gave us some great advice through the lyrics of the ‘The Gambler’: advice that stands true beyond the gaming table. Sometimes the best advice comes from the least expected place, and I have some advice for procurement professionals – from sales. Every week, I take a break from supply management […]

Confessions of a Real-World Procurement Professional by Kelly Barner

April 16, 2012


I will start my contributions to Procurement Insights by laying the truth right out in the open: I am terrible at math. But that confession is just the beginning. In college I took advanced music theory to avoid calculus, and I got my MBA by learning just enough about finance and accounting to get through […]

Buyers Meeting Points’ 2012 Pro To Know Kelly Barner becomes a regular PI contributing columnist

April 16, 2012


I am pleased to welcome Buyers Meeting Points’ Kelly Barner as a regular contributing columnist to the Procurement Insights Blog. Kelly recently received the well deserved honor of being a 2012 Supply & Demand Chain Executive ‘Pro to Know’ for her (and partner Cindy Allen-Murphy’s) incredible work in both informing and empowering procurement professionals the […]

Relational Outsourcing and The Role of Service Level Agreements (Part 1)

April 4, 2012


This study extends the view that formal contracts and relational governance function as complements rather than as substitutes. We investigate how specific characteristics of service level agreements (SLAs) impact relational governance in information technology outsourcing relationships. from the Abstract of the study The Role of Service Level Agreements in Relational Management of Information Technology Outsourcing: […]

With the announcement of powerful, social network-oriented updates will critical mainstream pundits finally see WhyAbe as something more than a small offering from a boutique firm?

March 28, 2012


New enhancements benefit both the buying community and the suppliers that service them.  The free site just added new ways for its users to benefit from registering. Buyers may now increase the exposure of their event by sharing it via social media links plugins to sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, and more.  Suppliers can use […]