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Will Britannia Rule the Waves of the Vast Sea that is the Global Economy?

September 24, 2009


In preparing for my interview on Monday with Canada’s Minister of International Trade and Minister for the Asia-Pacific Gateway Stockwell Day, I have done a considerable amount of research regarding the Buy American Policy and the repeated references to the Smoot-Stonehouse Act of 1930 which many cite as being the primary cause of the Great […]

Is Canada really rich in natural resources?: Calculating the effects of Foreign Ownership

September 13, 2009


In Toronto, CBC business reporter Jeannie Lee said there is a great deal at stake for Canada — and especially for southern Ontario, where Canada’s steel industry is concentrated and where the global slump has already gutted the auto industry. Canadian steel plants produced almost 16 million tonnes of steel in 2007, employing about 32,000 […]

Buy American: Establishing Artificial Boundaries or Removing Unwanted Barriers?

September 6, 2009


“This idea of international free trade is a fallacy. We don’t need free trade. We need smart trade . . . Even Canada is not truly a free trade partner. Their regulations require broadcasters use a specified percentage of Canadian-produced programming. That’s protectionism, and to deny it is to be the patsy to foreign governments […]

The Buy American Policy: A Clear and Present Danger?

September 4, 2009


In April 2009, Trade Minister Stockwell Day expressed concern that what at the time was the proposed “Buy American” bill was representative of the same kind of U.S. protectionism “that fueled the Great Depression in the 1930’s. Citing the “Smoot-Hawley Act of 1930” (Smoot-Stonehouse Tariff Act), Canadian Chamber of Commerce President Perrin Beatty suggested that […]