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The Other Side of Grimm by Jon Hansen

May 20, 2015


A colleague recently asked me the following question; will those who oppose NIGP’s Chief Executive Rick Grimm be annoyed because my coverage may not have demonized him as they had hoped? It is an interesting query on many levels. To start, I think it is safe to say that this story overall is frustrating to many regardless of […]

Are Nonprofit Procurement Industry Associations Only Profitable For Their CEOs? By Jon Hansen

May 8, 2015


Based on a 2013 study by Charity Navigator, and taking into account the regional differences relating to cost of living, the average (CEO) salary is $148,250 . . .  In the spirit of fairness, I also wanted to see if there was any difference between the above referenced overall average, and the nonprofit category relating to the […]

Request For Clarification Of NIGP Chief Exec’s Expenses, Solicits A Slower Response Than Expected by Jon Hansen

May 2, 2015


“In recent years, actual and perceived abuses in the area of executive expenses and “perks” have been among the leading causes of stricter federal tax laws governing nonprofit organizations and greater scrutiny by the Internal Revenue Service of the practices of nonprofit organizations in the United States. Many organizations struggle with this area of compliance.” […]

“When It Comes To The NIGP, Just Follow The Money Mr. Hansen . . . Follow The Money” by Jon Hansen

April 30, 2015


This morning by way of e-mail, I received from the NIGP’s Executive Director – Finance & Administration Tina Borger, electronic copies of the not-for-profit’s 990 documents for their fiscal years FY13, FY12, and FY11. I have to admit that I did not open them right away. My reason for the delay was quite simple.  I knew that once […]