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How Digitization Will Change Procurement and the Supply Chain

May 19, 2021


I posed the following question to thought leaders from the practitioner, provider, and academic communities: "how will digitization change procurement and supply chain?" In this article I share their insights.

CPO ARENA Service Provider Synopsis (Market Dojo)

November 17, 2020


The document you are about to read is a synopsis of the CPO ARENA panel’s observations regarding the provider’s solution offering from the standpoint of functionality and potential areas of both benefit and improvement.

Getting Beyond “Go Live” Digital Transformation Success

November 2, 2020


Is a successful "Go Live" result the end or the beginning of a digital transformation strategy?

ERP-based procurement: A lost cause or a new beginning?

September 23, 2020


Despite the many challenges of the past, is ERP-based procurement positioned to make a comeback?

What COVID-19 has taught us about digital procurement platforms

April 8, 2020


When it comes to supply chain and technology, why are some organizations better able to adapt to the COVID-19 crisis than others?

What does “automating” procurement really mean and how do you achieve success with your initiative?

February 6, 2020


Why do organizations struggle to realize the benefits of their digital procurement strategy? The answer; look beyond the technology.

Deloitte CPO Survey: Digital transformation of procurement a bust?

December 11, 2019


New Deloitte CPO Survey indicates that most are not happy with digital results. Why and what's next?

The experts weigh in on what it takes to transform your supply chain digitally

November 13, 2019


Experts from around the world provide a global perspective on the digital transformation of your supply chain. - J

Looking Beyond Technology is the key to Procurement’s successful Digital Transformation

November 12, 2019


A solid procurement process and practice is the essential foundation for a successful e-procurement initiative. ” This article tells you why and how. NOTE: Originally published in THE PROCUREMENT ITALIA MAGAZINEYear 5 Number 4 – 2019 30

Is the digital supply chain for real?

July 10, 2019


Like the weather, everyone is talking digital but few are doing anything about it. Our panel tells you how to move from digital hope to digital achieving.