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Profiles of Professional Acccomplishment Series: The People Behind eVA’s Success

January 22, 2010


For those readers who have been following the Procurement Insights Blog over the past two to three years you are undoubtedly familiar with our coverage of the Commonwealth of Virginia’s highly successful eVA procurement program. This coverage of course has extended beyond this blog to include the “Yes Virginia” white paper, as well as a […]

Commonwealth Establishes Page Specifically Relating to the PI Social Media Network’s Coverage of Virginia’s eVA Program

July 22, 2009


As many of you already know, I have been covering public sector procurement policy and practice at all levels of government quite extensively for some time. From the Government of Canada’s Way Forward programs to the UK’s Gershon Review to the impact of cluster development and even the private sector influence of a Wal-Mart, I […]

The JLARC Review: The Pendulum Swings? (Part 4)

May 2, 2009


“How this industry has changed over the past ten to fifteen years is one of the prime topics discussed today among industry veterans.  One function that acts in a radically different way these days is purchasing.  Those selling to the PWB industry (for example) in the 1970s through to the late 1990s could often ignore […]

The JLARC Review: Looking Beyond the Statistical Surface (Part 3)

April 24, 2009


The one common element, besides the irony that both the Government of Canada’s and Virginia’s programs were launched in 2001, is the paucity of either statistical or empirical proof to support the current mandates. For example Virginia’s Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee’s (JLARC) reference to a survey, in which 95 out of a possible […]

Synchronization Versus Compression Should Guide Government Procurement Policy (200th POST)

April 22, 2009


Government is never boring. On one hand you have the Government of Canada who despite earlier hopes has once again reverted to muscling a shared services platform down the unwilling throats of stakeholders, the majority of whom oppose the current direction. A move which is ironically being introduced at the expense of the very business […]

The JLARC Review: It’s Never About the Spoon (Part 2)

April 20, 2009


When the divine inspiration that ultimately leads to the words that appear in this blog strikes me, I am usually walking our two dogs. Not having a pen and paper with me (a practice I have often thought about but never followed through on), I find myself in the unenviable position that is reminiscent of […]

The JLARC Review: The Phantom Echoes of Discontent? (Part 1)

April 17, 2009


“. . . Because we are not reviewing whether eVA is successful or not, but rather how it impacts one group of users and potential users, the questions do not focus so much on the elements of success that are addressed in Yes Virginia! But try to get at small business impact” e-mail from Chief […]