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The Greening of Procurement (Part 2)

November 3, 2011


The Environmental Connection? What does this mean in terms of environmental considerations?  One might conclude that those organizations that fail to adapt to a new reality and are therefore destined to mediocrity at best or extinction at worst, are less inclined to embrace innovative imperatives such as sustainable capitalism. Others might suggest that the newer […]

Undiscovered Diamonds for 2008: Finding the Acres of Diamonds in an Evolving Market (Certify Profile:

December 16, 2008


“For every acre of that old farm, yes, every shovelful, afterward revealed gems which since have decorated the crowns of monarchs.” From Acres of Diamonds by Russell H. Conwell   Often times we have a tendency to overlook that which we either take for granted, or lacks the perceived big bang impact that places a […]

Foundations Of Sand: Why Ecademy Has A Decided Advantage As The Social Network Market Leader (Ecademy Profile)

September 12, 2008


“The social network community is on the verge of a monumental shift in which many of the networks that are in existence today will not be around tomorrow. By evolving beyond their technological origins, the core survivors will avoid the fate of the early lights, who like are destined to fade into historic insignifigance […]