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Synchronizing Success: Full-length demo of PECOS SaaS Solution shows how Oakland Unified School District have saved millions over the years

May 17, 2011


Last week I had written about the fact that product demonstrations – regardless of what product or service is being presented, often falls into the features, functions and benefits trap of showcasing the technology itself without a practical reference point or everyday, real-world context of where it will work. In short, vendors such as an […]

Abandoning the old demo mindset: Today proving where something works is more important than demonstrating how it works

May 9, 2011


I can still remember the days of CP/M and the emergence of DOS as if it were yesterday. Back in the days when 10MB was considered huge and a monitor resolution choice was limited to being either one of green phosphorous versus amber, demonstrating a system was focused on pointing out its various bells and […]

Despite technical difficulties (isn’t live radio grand?), the interview with Oakland Unified School District’s Moore delivers timely insights

February 16, 2011


Despite technical difficulties both at the very start and end of the show, the meat of the interview sandwich as I would call it with Oakland Unified School District’s Michael Moore was very informative especially within the present day context of budgetary shortfalls at the State and municipal levels.   Like Nassau County, whose finances […]

For 5 years the Oakland Unified School District has done what 85% of the market has failed to do . . . sucessfully implement and leverage an eProcurement solution

February 9, 2011


At California’s Oakland Unified School District (USD), which manages 146 district schools with more than 45,000 students, the march toward e-procurement has paid enormous dividends. Not only is the district saving about $2 million annually, it is also improving the educational process by ensuring that computers, supplies and books are available when and where they’re […]