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Please do not ‘meet me in the middle’ by Kelly Barner

May 30, 2013


Every week as part of my procurement update on Blog Talk Radio I include a guest soundbite. Sometimes I have an excerpt from a recent webinar, but most of the time I select something current and relevant from YouTube and pull the audio. On good weeks, I find a clip with an obvious tie-in to […]

Why I believe that Michael Porter’s position on corporate social responsibility smacks of colonialism

May 27, 2013


Back in April of 2008 I wrote a post titled What is the Value in your Supply Chain? (A PI Q and A), in which I questioned the merits of famed Harvard Business School professor Michael Porter’s model. Specifically, I had indicated that while Porter’s theory at the conceptual level has merit, its “value” in terms […]

Compressing Porter’s (Virtual) Value Chain, Eliminating Silos of Understand and Integrating Six Sigma

August 21, 2009


During my interview with Bob Copacino on today’s PI Window on Business Show, he indicated that with traditional BI methodologies and systems approximately 90% of an organization’s time and resources are spent on the up front gathering, organizing and selecting of data while only 10% of the time is spent on applying the intelligence in […]

What is the Value in your Supply Chain? (A PI Q and A)

April 10, 2008


  Member Question: What is the difference between Supply Chain and Value Chain? My Response: To begin, the reference to supply or “value” chain is a misnomer in that it implies a sequential architecture.  This is a term that is on its way out as an organization’s supply “practice” is actually centered on the synchronization […]