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What If?

July 13, 2017


Inspired by The Economist’s annual “What If” essays, I thought that it might be fun to apply the same question to our procurement world. For example, “What If” Rob Bernshteyn had been CEO of Perfect Commerce instead of Coupa? “What If” IBM never purchased Emptoris? Here’s one, “What If” Andrew Bartolini had continued to be […]

Mickey North Rizza v. Thomas Kase

May 3, 2017


Some of the people who have been following the #coupakase story had observed that while Thomas Kase’s move to Coupa isn’t as noteworthy as when Mickey North Rizza jumped to Bravo, they are in agreement that the optics are an issue. I would agree with this assessment from the standpoint of poor optics. However, for […]

How to see through the consultancy illusion by Kelly Barner

September 3, 2013


Editor’s Note: I have been a fan of Kelly Barner’s writing style for some time, as she has always found a way to provide meaningful insight in an informative yet entertaining fashion.  However, today’s post has caught my attention for an entirely different reason.  Specifically, what I have always considered to be the “smoke and […]

Demands of Collaborative Supply Management Thin the Field by Kelly Barner

August 7, 2013


Qualified sales people are in short supply. In a July 22nd article in the USA Today (Sales Rep Wanted: Inquire Anyplace), Paul Davidson wrote that “As the economy picks up, employers are facing a shortage of qualified sales associates and managers that’s hampering revenue growth.” According to Manpower’s annual talent shortage survey, ‘sales representative’ will […]

Did industry analysts turn a blind eye to long-standing problems? by Jon Hansen

June 25, 2013


BPM estimates the dollar loss at “tens of billions” each year as a result of obsolete, redundant and unused software . . . The court fights that preceded word Monday that Oracle and PeopleSoft finally agreed to merge shed some light on software companies’ knowledge of enterprise software’s failings. The gems unearthed include this Microsoft […]

Why Mickey North Rizza can’t go home again . . . or can she?

June 21, 2013


In Part 2 of yesterday’s post in which I wrote about Jason Busch’s proclamation that he is moving on regarding his “thinking,” I was posed with an interesting question. If after spending years with a service provider, a journalist/analyst may lack the necessary objectivity to “effectively” cover the market, what are my thoughts if this […]

A Sycophants Waltz? Why One Can’t Get a Straight Answer from Jason Busch?

May 21, 2010


I must admit that I was surprised by the kerfuffle surrounding my suggestion that Jason Busch might on perhaps one or two points of opinion surrounding topics such as spend intelligence be out of touch.  Wait for it . . . did the world just stop rotating on its axis? If you recall from a […]

Emptoris Version 8 and the 10% Solution (An Empower 2009 Commentary)

October 2, 2009


In June I had the opportunity to talk with AMR’s Mickey North-Rizza on the PI Window on Business Show. Titled “Taking Measure of an Acquisition,” the main focus of the segment was to review what was then the recent Emptoris acquisition of Click Commerce.  A move I might add that had many industry pundits scratching […]

AMR Research’s Mickey North Rizza Interview Now Available On-Demand

June 10, 2009


Effective enterprise-wide collaboration, a true understanding of the challenges you are trying to address as well as taking ownership relating to your organization’s services procurement strategy are just a few of the key areas that you as a client have to identify and address internally before you should even contemplate the viability of an individual […]

PI Window on Business: Taking Measure of an Acquisition

June 5, 2009


You cannot measure the effectiveness of a company’s strategies within the context of its own industry while ignoring the interests and impact upon the markets it serves.  Doing so is tantamount to arguing who is the best player on a losing team, or debating the color scheme of a restaurant that doesn’t have any patrons – […]