What If?

Posted on July 13, 2017


Inspired by The Economist’s annual “What If” essays, I thought that it might be fun to apply the same question to our procurement world.

For example, “What If” Rob Bernshteyn had been CEO of Perfect Commerce instead of Coupa?

“What If” IBM never purchased Emptoris?

Here’s one, “What If” Andrew Bartolini had continued to be an Associate Director at H.I.S. Shelter, an LA-based private, non-profit organization that transitioned homeless families into stable housing?

“What If” Mickey North Rizza had stayed at BravoSolution, or never left Gartner?

“What If” Covisint had actually worked?

“What If” women in procurement made more money than men in procurement?

“What If” there were no Spend Matters?

“What If” your knees bent the other way? What would chairs look like?

Anyway, these are just a few musings from an addled summer mind with all four kids home for the summer. Kelly Barner will know what I mean.

So here is my question to you; what is your procurement “What If” or “Ifs” if you are feeling ambitious?



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