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Did Periscope (and the NIGP) sell Parthenon a white elephant? by Jon Hansen

July 7, 2015


“I am just spitballing here but . . . Hawaii as well as other governments have or are moving away from the NIGP Code. Others have said that it would not be that difficult to switch taxonomies either . . . is the reason why Periscope made the deal with Parthenon and then merged with BidSync, due […]

Breaking The NIGP Code? by Jon Hansen

June 18, 2015


Back in the middle of April, I wrote a post titled What is the real cost of moving away from the NIGP Code? At the time, there seemed to be a notable reluctance on the part of NIGP Code licensees such as States, to make the switch to another taxonomy. According to feedback, this reluctance was based upon […]

The Other Side of Grimm by Jon Hansen

May 20, 2015


A colleague recently asked me the following question; will those who oppose NIGP’s Chief Executive Rick Grimm be annoyed because my coverage may not have demonized him as they had hoped? It is an interesting query on many levels. To start, I think it is safe to say that this story overall is frustrating to many regardless of […]

What is the real cost of moving away from the NIGP Code? by Jon Hansen

April 15, 2015


“Interesting yet . . . outside of a handful of States, the majority of the 33 using the NIGP Code according to my multiple sources, do not feel that the history component is enough of a deterrent relative to making the change to the UNSPSC Code.  Their determination in this regard is further underlined by […]

Could Periscope’s Deal With Parthenon Be Challenged By NIGP Code Customers? by Jon Hansen

April 14, 2015


One of the more interesting comments I received from a number of readers regarding the last post on Parthenon’s role in the NIGP #CodeGate controversy, is whether or not the NIGP actually practices what it preaches in terms of adhering to the principles of good contract management. Specifically, in 2001 when Periscope acquired the rights to […]

Parthenon Capital Partners: The Dangerous Puppetmaster in the NIGP #CodeGate Controversy? by Jon Hansen

April 13, 2015


When I read Procurement Insights EU Editor Colin Cram’s take on the NIGP – Periscope story, and his suggestion that the “need for income may have led the NIGP into what appear to be some shady and unwise deals,” one’s initial reaction would be to ask how could this have happened.  The next obvious question […]

With regards to the NIGP Code, are States forfeiting their future for the sake of a questionable past? by Jon Hansen

April 3, 2015


“Just to be clear . . . one of the main reasons why States don’t just jump to the United Nation’s Code is that without a crosswalk, historic spend data that is tied into the NIGP Code would be lost?  Based on my research to date, it appears that with the exception of a handful […]