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Who should drive the procurement of innovation policy? by Dr. John Rigby

July 18, 2012


We have got to an interesting point now in the debate over the procurement of innovation. The major question for policy makers is who should be implementing this policy. As I said on the show the other week, pre-commercial procurement is at the moment relatively little used but it does form the basis for for […]

Procurement Insights welcomes Dr. John Rigby as a regular columnist to talk about leveraging public procurement to drive innovation

July 5, 2012


On June 28th I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. John Rigby who is one of the UK’s top experts and champions on leveraging public sector procurement as a tool to drive innovation. In the 30 minute segment titled “Public Procurement and Innovation: Towards a European Scheme,” Dr. Rigby provided an interesting perspective on what […]

Supply Chain Finance (Part 2) Efficiency Over Financing: A 30 Year Public Sector Executive Provides His Take On Supply Chain Financing

March 2, 2011


No, this is the “cost” of doing business with the government. B2G is NOT for everyone and there are no guarantees that after 19.5 months business will occur.  There are resources to help companies long the way, though: PTACs, SBDCs and SCORE are all excellent – see links below.  Like any market niche, there are […]

Response to government’s subsidizing supplier participation seems to be more a question of why versus how

February 23, 2011


In my February 17th post “Supply Chain Finance (Part 1): How do governments finance suppliers when their own credit worthiness is in question?,” I broached the concept of governments financing supplier involvement in the acquisition process as a means of addressing the steadily declining responses to public bids. It is not that outlandish an idea on […]

Complex contracting in the public sector: Managing relations and negotiating contracts in the absence of market discipline

February 4, 2011


Note: The following is an excerpt from today’s post in the Contracting Intelligence Blog.  Use the link at the conclusion of this post access the article in its entirety. Governments buy lots of goods and services. The U.S. federal government spent over $419 billion in fiscal year 2006 for procurement, almost double 2001 procurement expenditures […]

Ask a simple question about government procurement . . .

January 14, 2011


Perhaps the natural radio host in me is the reason why I am interested in everything that goes on around me and thus like to ask a lot of questions.  What is it my mother used to say . . . there is no such thing as a dumb question?! Great advice, and I have […]

UK Government “revenue party over” announcement re large IT/ERP projects long on intent but short on execution

December 17, 2010


Cabinet Office minister, Francis Maude, speaking at a meeting attended by 31 major government suppliers including BT, Hewlett Packard, IBM and CapGemini, claimed that large-scale bespoke IT systems – many of which have gone significantly over budget in the past – would henceforth be replaced by less expensive and “off the shelf” offerings. So opened […]

When elected officials sneeze, government buyers catch the cold

November 25, 2010


You gotta love the world of public sector procurement as the myriad of competing interests that mark the convergence of short-term elected official rhetoric and long-suffering bureaucratic sensibilities rarely if ever aligns into a cohesive purchasing strategy. Like the sentiment that is reflected in the statement when the United States sneezes, Canada catches a cold […]

Washington Dispatch No. 8: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and the Cost to Suppliers

June 10, 2010


As previously mentioned, the Government takes great interest in the health of SMEs and is making it a priority in wanting to “cut the red tape faced by the private and not-for-profit sectors when doing business with the government [and fixing procurement]” (2008 Speech from the Throne).  The Government is proud that it has done […]

PI Window on Business Thought Leaders Series Expands to Include Public Sector Procurement

April 7, 2010


As announced here in my December 31st, 2009 post “Exciting New Vistas Await the PI Window on Business Show in 2010,” we have launched the new Business Thought Leaders Series in which we will be joined by industry experts to share their perspectives on the key areas of everyday business including Venture Capital investment, logistics […]