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PI Window on Business Welcomes CFIB VP, National Affairs Corinne Pohlmann to Discuss Recent Developments in Government Policy (

May 8, 2009


As discussed in my April 22nd post “Synchronization Versus Compression Should Guide Government Procurement Process,” I referred to the paucity of either statistical and/or empirical data to support the government’s current course with regard to implementing a Shared Services strategy. Certainly the May 7th press release in which Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC) […]

Latest PWGSC Press Release Changes Little

May 8, 2009


Last evening took an interesting turn as I began to receive notifications of the latest press release from the Minister of Public Works and Government Services Christan Paradis regarding the Government Enterprise Network Services: 2009 Industry Consultations Report. The following is a copy of the press release in its entirety followed of course by my […]

Further to the Barry Bonds Post . . .

March 14, 2008


The response to the Barry Bonds post through both the PI Blog as well as e-mail has been tremendous.  Be sure to check out the comments that have been posted (with more to come), as they are indicative of the prevalent attitudes amongst stakeholders in terms of the Government of Canada’s Shared Services strategy. One […]

Strong Reader Response to While We Were Sleeping Post or (Playing Hide-and-Seek with Chuck Henry and Steven Poole)

March 1, 2008


Response to yesterday’s post regarding the role that associations are playing in undermining their own efforts to effect positive and sustainable change in Government of Canada procurement policy is quite telling. Distributed widely through a variety of channels, readers were in some cases “passionate” in their comments.  One such example came from an industry veteran who […]

While We Were Sleeping: A Story of Misdirected Efforts in the World of Public Sector Procurement Policy

February 29, 2008


It has been one of the more interesting weeks in the world of Government of Canada procurement policy-making. Despite the numerous “outward facing” storylines that can be pursued in terms of GoC activity, the real action (or lack thereof) is actually within the supplier community itself. I am of course referring to the ongoing inability […]

Reader Response to SME’s Once Again Voice Concerns Over GoC Shared Services Strategy

February 27, 2008


Reader Comment Let me suggest a couple of perspectives on this that are worth exploring further. While I believe that on the integrated hardware, software and telecomms aspects there can be little doubt that SMEs will be squeezed out unless they can deliver product under a major supplier’s umbrella. However, on the people side, PWGSC […]

SME’s Once Again Voice Concerns Over Government of Canada Shared Services Strategy

February 22, 2008


While I am on the road this week in Houston at a speaking engagement, recent developments from the home front regarding the Government of Canada’s “Managed Services” initiative has again raised alarms within the Canadian SME community. Based on initial comments received from senior industry representatives, the concerns are fueled by the belief that the […]