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The reemergence of a recognized brand by Jon Hansen

July 3, 2014


It has been a while since we last heard from Rosslyn Analytics, a company whose intelligence sharing platform empowered buyers in a way that  forever changed the industry’s view of data mining and its practical utilization in the purchasing decision-making process.  In short, Rosslyn was efficiently managing big data before we called it big data. […]

How effective are vendor videos in promoting their brand and services by Jon Hansen

April 3, 2014


Earlier today I receive the link to Year in the Life candidate cloudBuy’s new video. As a 2014 New Wave company, I was of course interested in the video for a number of reasons. To start, and in the context of my July 2013 post “Recent Zycus video demonstrates that even though you are “on” […]

Top PI Blog Posts Countdown No. 4: Rosslyn Analytics Adaptive Intelligence Reflects Scientific Principles

October 31, 2012


Editor’s Note: As we approach my 1,000th Procurement Insights blog post, over the next week I will be sharing with you the top 5 posts in terms of overall reads. Today’s submission, which ranked number 4 with 7,607 reads, was written on January 27th, 2010.  What makes the ranking of this post interesting is that […]

With IBM’s acquisition of Emptoris the other shoe drops vis-à-vis the latter’s 2009 acquisition of Click Commerce or . . . will Jason Busch finally get what I was saying!

December 22, 2011


Jon, I had a lot more respect for you before this post. Seriously, you seem to dismiss the market dynamics of acquisitions as not consequential, referencing indirectly what I wrote. But in doing so, you’re actually showing a complete lack of knowledge of what happens after software acquisitions and their impact on customers! comment by […]

Can Business Intelligence Save Your Job?!

November 10, 2011


NOTE: The following post was originally posted in the new SpendShifts Blog. In May, the vice chief of the defence staff, Vice-Admiral Bruce Donaldson, noted in an internal report that 2,100 public service civilian jobs would be eliminated over the next three years with more “adjustments” to follow. A recent report by Lt.-Gen. Andrew Leslie […]

Dangerous Supply Chain Myths Revisited (Part 7): Enabling Technology – The Emergence of the Metaprise

August 22, 2011


Orchestrating procurement technology has been a long time coming - is it finally a reality?

While there is no doubt that COUPA is ready to take the market, is the market ready for COUPA?

May 18, 2011


Today’s press releases by Coupa, Coupa Guarantees 1% Reduction in OpEx within 6 Months and, Coupa Sets New Standard for Ease of Use in Business Software, provide further evidence as to just how far the vendor has come from the heady days of being an outsider innovator trying to crack the then seemingly impenetrable wall […]

Access to spend data is not the same as access to meaningful intelligence

March 29, 2011


NOTE: The following is today’s post from the Rosslyn Analytics Blog. Governments are significant purchasers of goods and services and these markets represent huge opportunities for international trade.  Measuring government procurement for a large number of countries, in a consistent manner, is not a trivial task and careful attention must be paid to ensure that […]

Emancipating Your IT Department Through Web-Based Spend Intelligence

March 4, 2011


Viador Business Intelligence, Reporting and Analytical solutions are entirely web-based and can be hosted in a local environment or in the Cloud.  We bring over 15 years of Business Intelligence and Analytics expertise to business reporting and analysis. from the Home Page of the Viador website References to Spend Intelligence seems to come up from every direction, every day […]

When it comes to spend intelligence, the old axiom of you can’t manage what you can’t measure should be; you can’t manage what you can’t access (on a timely basis)

February 24, 2011


Note: The following is an excerpt from today’s post on the Rosslyn Analytics Blog.  Use the following LINK to access the article in its entirety. If you can measure that of which you speak and can express it by a number, you know something of your subject; but if you cannot measure it, your knowledge […]