How effective are vendor videos in promoting their brand and services by Jon Hansen

Posted on April 3, 2014


Earlier today I receive the link to Year in the Life candidate cloudBuy’s new video.

As a 2014 New Wave company, I was of course interested in the video for a number of reasons.

To start, and in the context of my July 2013 post “Recent Zycus video demonstrates that even though you are “on” social media doesn’t mean you are “in” social media” in which I referenced the low number of views for the vendor’s then new video featuring Spend Matters’ Jason Bush talking about Reverse Auctions, I could not help but wonder if videos were in general a lost cause.  By the way, the Zycus video as of today has only been viewed 79 times.

According to a Business Insider article regarding a TubeMogul study, some “53% of YouTube’s videos have fewer than 500 views,” while approximately “30% have less than 100 views.”  The article went on to report that “just 0.33% have more than 1 million views.”  These are hardly the kind of numbers that will inspire an increase in video production.

That being said, I have personally released videos that have had upwards of 19,000 plus views including an interview with government purchasing expert Judy Bradt (The Truth About Government Contracting), and a remote eWorld Keynote on the evolution of procurement (eWorld remote feed).  Even my video for a radio interview regarding Spend Intelligence which wasn’t promoted as heavily as the above two videos, had more than 4,000 views.  Ironically Zycus was the sponsor for this latter video as well.

I have of course had videos that did not fare as well as these however, my overall experience has been generally good.

So here is the question, are videos an effective means through which to promote a vendor’s solution or service offering?  And if they are, what are the characteristics of a successful video.  In other words, are you faithful reader influenced by a video to deal with a particular vendor?

The answers to these questions should be quite telling.

In the meantime, check out the cloudBuy video by clicking on the image below.

cloudBuy Video


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