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The thin line between undue influence and relationship building in the public sector by Jon Hansen

October 7, 2014


Three years ago I interviewed Judy Bradt regarding a discussion I had with a former senior aide to New York Governor Cuomo, regarding his assertion that the majority of contract winners in the state had been determined before an actual RFP was issued. Bradt’s response was both insightful and deft in terms of achieving the […]

How effective are vendor videos in promoting their brand and services by Jon Hansen

April 3, 2014


Earlier today I receive the link to Year in the Life candidate cloudBuy’s new video. As a 2014 New Wave company, I was of course interested in the video for a number of reasons. To start, and in the context of my July 2013 post “Recent Zycus video demonstrates that even though you are “on” […]

Sun Tzu on why electronic bidding platforms for most vendors are a waste of time by Jon Hansen

October 23, 2013


Absolutely agree! ‘Positioning’ for negotiations begins the moment initial contact is made, in whatever manner (phone, website etc.), by whomever (rarely the eventual negotiator). Policies and guidelines for ‘managed communications’ with (potential) suppliers are critical. Response from reader on LinkedIn to the question “The outcome of your negotiations are determined long before you come to […]

Fiscal realities and Government contracting (Part 2): Understanding the purchasing connection

September 8, 2011


The drop in real estate values and its impact on property taxes is easy to envision. But that’s just part of the problem. Deeper seated is linkage between housing construction, and the many ways that home sales and building activity affect state and local government revenues. from the November 2010 Governing magazine article “The Housing […]

Losing Vendor Litigation (Part 3): “Champagne wishes and caviar dreams.”

August 9, 2011


Initially Champagne was dismissed, not for stealing money, but for approving transactions for which he had no authority. But he knew that as soon as he was out of the building, the audits would turn up trouble. Champagne flew to the Turks to be with his family, and to wait for the mess to hit […]

Is supplier incumbency a major problem with government contracting?

July 20, 2011


NOTE: The following blog was originally posted in the new Supplier Relationship Management Portal.  Remember to visit the Portal for more great articles and events. When you consider the fact that a good many government procurement experts – including those involved with the procurement process itself, have routinely suggested that 90% of all contract winners […]

To what degree does legislation and related policy affect either positively or negatively the government tendering process?

June 28, 2011


I write tenders & oversee tender evaluations for an Australian govt body – and I’ve always included criteria around “innovative” business processes & systems. Sadly the responses to these questions are usually very disappointing and just offer up the industry standard fare… I don’t think that a supplier having a competitive advantage contradicts the concept […]

Government purchasing expert confirms that 90% of RFP winners decided before RFP is actually issued . . . with an important caveat!

May 2, 2011


When the procurement ombudsman for the Canadian Federal Government announced last summer that “The government has inadvertently created the conditions (for monopoly),” and that “It’s not what the government intended to do and that’s why we think a review would be beneficial to see what the impacts are, including the unintended effects,” it was not […]

Poll results indicate that the government is only accessing 25% of its total possible supply base

April 28, 2011


Even though it is still early in the process, our recent poll on LinkedIn is delivering some interesting results. To this point in time, 55% of respondents to the question Winning bidders for government tenders are decided before the RFP is issued 90% of the time – does this surprise you? said no, while 20% […]

The winning bidder in government tenders are selected before the RFP is actually issued 90% of the time . . .

April 7, 2011


According to the former Senior Aide for Gov. Mario Cuomo, Al Gordon, the winning bidder in government tenders are selected before the RFP is actually issued 90% of the time. In this second segment excerpt from the Government Contracts Made Easier Series of interviews with Small -Medium Enterprise or “SME” business owners, we welcome to […]