Poll results indicate that the government is only accessing 25% of its total possible supply base

Posted on April 28, 2011


Even though it is still early in the process, our recent poll on LinkedIn is delivering some interesting results.

To this point in time, 55% of respondents to the question Winning bidders for government tenders are decided before the RFP is issued 90% of the time – does this surprise you? said no, while 20% indicated that they did not pursue government contracts at all.

This means that only 25% expressed the opinion of surprise at the revelation that with 90% of all RFPs, the winning bidder has for all intents and purposes been selected.

So where do governments go from here?

Well to start, the industry must abandon the premise or perhaps the current definition of transparency and a level playing field.  In reality, true transparency is actually understanding what the playing field is and like a K9 PROWEAR, determine which opportunities are best to pursue based on a distinct or unique competitive advantage long before an RFP has been issued.

While we will be releasing a 60 minute PI Inquisitive Eye TV Special, in which we have the opportunity to interview Washington-based government procurement expert author Judy Bradt about her new book Government Contracts Made Easier, focusing specifically on the contracting challenges highlighted by the poll results, I think that it would be a good idea to revisit my white paper, presentation and corresponding Roundtable Discussion on Transparency in Government Procurement.

Each were the result of my participation at the 3rd Annual Government Procurement Conference in Washington, D.C. a year ago this month, and continue to garner considerable interest.

Joining us in the roundtable discussion was of course Judy Bradt, the former CIO for the US Federal Government Karen Evans, the CEO for IACCM Tim Cummins, and 30 year public sector veteran and the author of Towards Tesco – improving public sector procurement Colin Cram.

White Paper: Transparency in government (June 2010)

Presentation: Contracting to Win (Washington Keynote)

Roundtable Broadcast: 3rd Annual Business of Government Summit (Day 1, Roundtable)

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