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A Westminster Diary or An SME in King Arthur’s Court by Alun Rafique

December 24, 2013


Originally posted on Procurement Insights EU Edition:
Editor’s Note: In this latest account about the challenges faced by SMEs in terms of doing business with the UK Government – a challenge that is more often than not commensurate with King Arthur extracting the sword from the Stone of Scone – Alun Rafique shares, in both…

When it comes to public sector procurement, how often does the media erroneously waive the “corruption” banner? by Jon Hansen

March 13, 2013


Right out of the gate I want to stress that I know that there is no Santa Claus or that the Easter Bunny will not be hopping his way into our home to leave sweet treats for the family later this spring. I say this as a means establishing the fact that I am not […]

The year ahead in government contracting . . .

December 8, 2011


Note: The following is a post from today’s Contracting Intelligence Blog . . . In the meantime, Government Contractors know full well the game has changed (at least for the short to medium-term).  To use a football analogy, Government Contractor executives will need to decide whether they are trying to make a playoff run on […]

Will the courts ultimately become a key part of the government tendering process?

November 30, 2011


NOTE: This post is from the Contracting Intelligence Blog. It seems apparent that the new rules have made it easier for suppliers to challenge. More information must be provided to suppliers losing a procurement competition and suppliers can now halt the award of a contract through an ‘automatic suspension’ mechanism if court action has been […]

Fiscal realities and Government contracting (Part 4): Supplier cause and effect

September 9, 2011


It is a funny thing that as a writer when you put the virtual pen to paper you never really know what will or will not strike a note with your readers.  All you can truly hope is that your passion for the subject matter coupled with sound research practices will  prove worthy of consideration […]

Fiscal realities and Government contracting (Part 3): Compliance over Value?

September 8, 2011


Government contracting must be conducted in a manner that will: stand the test of public scrutiny and reflect fairness in the spending of public funds; respect operational requirements; support long-term industrial and regional development and other appropriate national objectives, including aboriginal economic development; and comply with the government’s obligations under the trade agreements. from the […]

With postmaster general Patrick R. Donahoe’s somewhat desperate plea to congress to bail out the listing and outdated agency, what impact does the USPS’ precarious financial situation have on supplier relations?

September 5, 2011


The United States Postal Service is a federal agency, like the other 125 agencies that make up the federal government; so by definition it operates at a deficit. It is partially funded by proceeds from the sale of mail delivery and associated services but it is also funded in the millions through the OMB for […]

In the Year 2020 . . . Government Market

July 11, 2011


As posted this past past Friday, each day this week I will be providing my take on the top 5 predictions for the year 2020 from Bob Lohfeld’s July 7th Washington Technology article aptly named 5 predictions for the 2020 market. Today we tackle prediction number 1, the government market. Lohfeld’s prognostication: The government push […]

Government purchasing expert confirms that 90% of RFP winners decided before RFP is actually issued . . . with an important caveat!

May 2, 2011


When the procurement ombudsman for the Canadian Federal Government announced last summer that “The government has inadvertently created the conditions (for monopoly),” and that “It’s not what the government intended to do and that’s why we think a review would be beneficial to see what the impacts are, including the unintended effects,” it was not […]

Poll results indicate that the government is only accessing 25% of its total possible supply base

April 28, 2011


Even though it is still early in the process, our recent poll on LinkedIn is delivering some interesting results. To this point in time, 55% of respondents to the question Winning bidders for government tenders are decided before the RFP is issued 90% of the time – does this surprise you? said no, while 20% […]