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Government Contracts Made Easier: SME Series (K9 PRO WEAR)

April 5, 2011


In this first segment excerpt which is 12 minutes in length from the Government Contracts Made Easier Series of interviews with Small -Medium Enterprise or “SME” business owners, we welcome to the show K9 PRO WEAR CEO Linda ‘Laz’ Lazarowich, M.Sc. to talk about her formula for successfully selling to governments in both Canada and […]

Response to government’s subsidizing supplier participation seems to be more a question of why versus how

February 23, 2011


In my February 17th post “Supply Chain Finance (Part 1): How do governments finance suppliers when their own credit worthiness is in question?,” I broached the concept of governments financing supplier involvement in the acquisition process as a means of addressing the steadily declining responses to public bids. It is not that outlandish an idea on […]

Guest Panel Discussion regarding Virginia’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board’s just released report set for the 25th of January

January 20, 2011


As indicated in my post of January 18th, the Interim Report from the Governor’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board provides both an interesting (and yes timely) review of procurement policy and practice in Virginia. While the document, which is 42 pages in all, does in fact drill down into critical areas including; Certification, Marketing and Outreach, […]

IACCM’s Cummins drives home the importance of relationships and why Bradt’s and Amtower’s new books are needed and timely

January 5, 2011


In today’s Commitment Matters post (The Purpose Of Negotiation) Tim Cummins opens with the statement that “Many of us use the term ‘negotiating’ in a generic form, giving little thought to the variations in approach that are demanded by different circumstances.” In this succinct and seemingly simple statement Tim sums up the basis for the monumental […]

The Two New Books in 2011 That Will Forever Change Public Sector Procurement!

January 4, 2011


On the PI Window on Business’ second show back in April 2009 I welcomed along with McEvoy Galbraeth and Anne Phillips, Stephen Bauld who at the time was Vice President for the Ontario General Contractors Association and author of the books “Leadership Or The Lack Thereof” and “The Municipal Procurement Handbook (two editions).”  For those […]

Is Google’s recent suit against DOI based more on an entitlement mindset or a misguided understanding of transparency?

November 2, 2010


“The process for winning government contracts is truly based on the ability of a supplier to legitimately and transparently win preference with government buyers.” Judy Bradt, Washington-based expert author whose new book discusses her more than 20 years helping 6,000 clients to win in excess of $300 million in U.S. Government contracts It never ceases […]

10th Annual IBX Purchasing Executive Summit Keynote Focuses on Social Media’s Influence on the Purchasing World

July 29, 2010


When I was asked to both speak at as well as moderate the 10th Annual IBX Purchasing Executive Summit in Stockholm in early October, it represented what is quickly becoming a busy fall speaking schedule that will also take me to places such as the United Kingdom and British Columbia. The focus of my Keynote […]

Seven Part Series on successful government contracting wraps up on a high note

July 27, 2010


Back in January when we aired the first episode of Judy Bradt’s acclaimed 7-Part Seven Steps To Success: Jump Start Government Contract Series, we had a clear objective  for both suppliers and buyers. As a supplier you would gain the necessary insights to shorten the time-line between the response to government tenders, and the realization […]

Washington Dispatch No. 9: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and the Economy

June 29, 2010


Today’s post is the final excerpt in the series from the Transparency in Government Procurement white paper that has run on both the Procurement Insights Blog, as well as the Official Event Blog Essential Connections. As the lead-up to the release of the white paper later this week, we examined the observations and revelations from […]

Washington Dispatch No. 8: Roundtable Discussion on Transparency and the Cost to Suppliers

June 10, 2010


As previously mentioned, the Government takes great interest in the health of SMEs and is making it a priority in wanting to “cut the red tape faced by the private and not-for-profit sectors when doing business with the government [and fixing procurement]” (2008 Speech from the Throne).  The Government is proud that it has done […]