Guest Panel Discussion regarding Virginia’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board’s just released report set for the 25th of January

Posted on January 20, 2011


As indicated in my post of January 18th, the Interim Report from the Governor’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board provides both an interesting (and yes timely) review of procurement policy and practice in Virginia.

While the document, which is 42 pages in all, does in fact drill down into critical areas including; Certification, Marketing and Outreach, Bonding and Capital Access as well as Procurement itself, it is centered on what is referred to as the “Ten Big Ideas.”

On Tuesday, January 25th at 10:30 AM EST, I will be joined by an expert international guest panel, who will provide us with their take on these ten big ideas in the context of not only Virginia’s vision and objectives but also from the standpoint of similar undertakings in other governments.

The Guest Panel includes: public sector experts and authors Judy Bradt and Mark Amtower from the United States, and 30 plus year UK public sector veteran Colin Cram, whose seminal paper Towards Tesco – improving public sector procurement continues to draw significant attention resulting in Cram appearing before the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee to offer his views on innovation through procurement.  The House of Lords report will likely be released sometime over the next few months.

Our Expert Guest Panel

About The Guest Panel:

Judy Bradt – Leveraging her more than 20 years of experience advising more than 6000 clients on success in government contracts that collectively have accounted for revenues in excess of $300 million US, Judy’s new book Government Contracts Made Easier brings you the secrets to winning US government contracts – whether you’re taking your first steps, or expanding your footprint in pursuit of the world’s largest buyer.

Judy of course has been a frequent guest on the PI Window on Business including providing her expertise through the critically acclaimed Seven Steps To Success: Jump Start Government Contracts 7-Part Series, which aired across the Blog Talk Radio Network January 18th to July 26th, 2010.

Mark Amtower – Mark’s new book “Selling To The Government: What It Takes To Win In The World’s Largest Market” has already gained significant traction for its insightful and yes even surprising revelations regarding public sector procurement.  Often referred to as the “Godfather of government marketing,” Mark Amtower is credited for mentoring hundreds of current B2G marketing professionals through his books and seminars.

His most recent appearance on the PI Window on Business was earlier this month on the January 11th segment “Selling to the Government: Competing in the World’s Largest Market.”

Colin Cram – Besides being a regular guest on the PI Window on Business Show including as a member of numerous panels discussing topics such as Transparency In Government Procurement and Security in the Cloud and Outsourcing, Colin Cram was the first guest on the new PI Inquisitive Eye Internet TV Show in which we talked about the December 2010 announcement by Cabinet Office Minister Francis Maude that the UK Government is moving towards establishing closer ties with the SME community in terms of contracting.

Colin of course is no stranger to championing progressive ideas and approaches to assist governments in achieving a much greater and more sustainable return for their purchasing policies and practices as highlighted in  his seminal paper Towards Tesco – improving public sector procurement.

Remember to join me live on Tuesday, January 25th, 2011 at 10:30 PM EST for “Ten Big Ideas: Virginia Shifts the Paradigm in Government Procurement Policy.”