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Restructuring Government Procurement by Colin Cram

April 19, 2013


The UK government appears to be moving towards centralising civil government procurement in all but name. It was less than 3 months ago that I proposed* to a UK Parliamentary committee (the Public Administration Select Committee) the creation of a ‘Crown Procurement Service’ for the whole of the public sector. This proposal, based on my […]

UK Parliamentary Review into Government Procurement by Colin Cram

February 27, 2013


The Public Administration Select Committee is a UK Parliamentary body consisting of about 12 members of Parliament. Select committees are where much of the useful Parliamentary work is done. It has decided to examine government procurement. It is doing this through requesting written evidence from anyone who cares to submit any and through asking people […]

The Universal challenges of health care procurement

June 1, 2011


It seems that hardly a week goes by when there isn’t one story or another involving health care. From Medicaid reform to the spiraling costs tied to an increase in chronic illnesses – according to health care expert and author of the book Navigating The Healthcare Maze Jeff Knott, a surprisingly large percentage of the […]

Guest Panel Discussion regarding Virginia’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board’s just released report set for the 25th of January

January 20, 2011


As indicated in my post of January 18th, the Interim Report from the Governor’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board provides both an interesting (and yes timely) review of procurement policy and practice in Virginia. While the document, which is 42 pages in all, does in fact drill down into critical areas including; Certification, Marketing and Outreach, […]

What CXOs consistently fail to grasp about enterprise security

August 19, 2010


During eWorld I will be hosting a Roundtable discussion on Outsourcing focusing on key areas such as “Security in the Cloud.” Joining 30 plus year public sector veteran and the author of the seminal “Towards Tesco – improving public sector procurement” paper Colin Cram as a member of the guest panel will be Richard Stiennon. […]

Outsourcing Revisited: Is It A Viable Strategy?

July 28, 2010


According to recent studies, two-thirds of all outsourcing programs fail to achieve the expected results. In fact some studies even suggest that this estimate is low putting the number as high as 90 percent. And this is not a new phenomenon.  Industry reports and articles between 1995 and 2007 tend to suggest that little progress […]