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Supply Chain Finance (Part 2) Efficiency Over Financing: A 30 Year Public Sector Executive Provides His Take On Supply Chain Financing

March 2, 2011


No, this is the “cost” of doing business with the government. B2G is NOT for everyone and there are no guarantees that after 19.5 months business will occur.  There are resources to help companies long the way, though: PTACs, SBDCs and SCORE are all excellent – see links below.  Like any market niche, there are […]

Response to government’s subsidizing supplier participation seems to be more a question of why versus how

February 23, 2011


In my February 17th post “Supply Chain Finance (Part 1): How do governments finance suppliers when their own credit worthiness is in question?,” I broached the concept of governments financing supplier involvement in the acquisition process as a means of addressing the steadily declining responses to public bids. It is not that outlandish an idea on […]

Supply Chain Finance (Part 1): How do governments finance suppliers when their own credit worthiness is in question?

February 17, 2011


One of the first things the government seems to have accepted is that, at least in part, the answer to the problem of SME access to better channels of credit is going to have to come from somewhere other than just tapping the big banks as in the past. from the November 8th, 2010 article […]

This Month the PI Window on Business Featured Author is Government Procurement Expert Mark Amtower

January 31, 2011


Mark’s new book “Selling To The Government: What It Takes To Win In The World’s Largest Market” has already gained significant traction for its insightful and yes even surprising revelations regarding public sector procurement. Often referred to as the “Godfather of government marketing,” Mark Amtower is credited for mentoring hundreds of current B2G marketing professionals […]

Complex acquisitions still presents significant obstacles in the public sector

January 26, 2011


Note: The following is an excerpt from today’s post in the Contracting Intelligence Blog.  Use the link at the conclusion of this post access the article in its entirety. The last few weeks have been extremely interesting in the world of public sector procurement, as two separate government undertakings or initiatives if you like are […]

Define, Align and Quantify: Expert Guest Panel Opinion Regarding Virginia’s Supplier Diversity Report

January 26, 2011


It was to say the least a fast-paced and definitive review of the recently released Governor’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board’s report that came out of Virginia last week. Joining me for the 60 minute segment was Mark Amtower and Colin Cram, both of whom have a breadth and depth of experience in terms of public […]

Guest Panel Discussion regarding Virginia’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board’s just released report set for the 25th of January

January 20, 2011


As indicated in my post of January 18th, the Interim Report from the Governor’s Supplier Diversity Advisory Board provides both an interesting (and yes timely) review of procurement policy and practice in Virginia. While the document, which is 42 pages in all, does in fact drill down into critical areas including; Certification, Marketing and Outreach, […]

Ask a simple question about government procurement . . .

January 14, 2011


Perhaps the natural radio host in me is the reason why I am interested in everything that goes on around me and thus like to ask a lot of questions.  What is it my mother used to say . . . there is no such thing as a dumb question?! Great advice, and I have […]

From the American Express Study to The Usual Suspects and the Estimated Cost of Doing Government Business Amtower Delivers Powerful Insights

January 11, 2011


Besides referring to this current period in the above video as “one of the scariest times in recent memory” relative to being on the front lines of government procurement, Mark Amtower delivered a number of very interesting insights during this afternoon’s broadcast as he both explained and quantified the cost of pursuing business with the […]

IACCM’s Cummins drives home the importance of relationships and why Bradt’s and Amtower’s new books are needed and timely

January 5, 2011


In today’s Commitment Matters post (The Purpose Of Negotiation) Tim Cummins opens with the statement that “Many of us use the term ‘negotiating’ in a generic form, giving little thought to the variations in approach that are demanded by different circumstances.” In this succinct and seemingly simple statement Tim sums up the basis for the monumental […]