This Month the PI Window on Business Featured Author is Government Procurement Expert Mark Amtower

Posted on January 31, 2011


Mark Amtower

Mark’s new book “Selling To The Government: What It Takes To Win In The World’s Largest Market” has already gained significant traction for its insightful and yes even surprising revelations regarding public sector procurement. Often referred to as the “Godfather of government marketing,” Mark Amtower is credited for mentoring hundreds of current B2G marketing professionals through his books and seminars.

His most recent appearance on the PI Window on Business in addition to the January 11th segment “Selling to the Government: Competing in the World’s Largest Market,” was as a member of our guest panel discussing the newly released Diversity Supplier Report from the Commonwealth of Virginia (Ten Big Ideas: Virginia Shifts the Paradigm in Government Procurement Policy).

Amtower is on the Board of Advisors for The American Small Business Coalition, The Profitability Channel (web TV for small business), and TSI (an Annapolis, Maryland company).

Amtower Off-Center airs Monday at Noon on WFED AM 1500 in Washington DC and can also be heard via simulcast and in the archives at

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Throughout the month of February I will be sharing brief audio excerpts at the beginning of each broadcast on the PI Window on Business Show from Mark on Selling to the Government.

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Remember to purchase one of the two books I rated as being a game changer in the world of public sector procurement . . .

Product Description

Learn the crucial ins and outs of the world’s largest market

The U.S government market represents the largest single market—anywhere. Government contract tracking firm Onvia estimates that government business—federal, state, local, and education—represents better than 40 percent of the nation’s GDP. While anyone can play in this market, only those with the right preparation can win.

Selling to the Government offers real-world advice for successful entry into the biggest market anywhere. Get proven approaches, strategies, tactics, and tools to make your business stand out, build relationships, understand procedures, and win high-stakes contracts.

• Every year thousands of companies enter the massive U.S. Government (BtoG) marketplace, and by the end of the first year, most are gone and less than 10 percent make it to year two
• Author has advised hundreds of companies, including Apple, Dell, CDW, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, IT, GTSI, and many small firms, on all aspects of marketing and selling to the government

From the go/no-go decision, through company infrastructure requirements, marketing, sales, business development, and more, this book offers the best advice from the most recognized authority in the market.

From the Inside Flap

Tap into one of the largest and most elusive markets in the world—the U.S. government

United States government business—from federal and state to local institutions—is the largest market in the world. Regardless of economic trend or national and international conditions, it’s a market everyone wants to get into. But in the convoluted and complex U.S. government market, it can be tough to get an “in”—and there are few shortcuts a business can take.

Over the past twenty-seven years, Mark Amtower has advised hundreds of companies, from Apple, Dell, and Northrop Grumman to smaller firms of every genre, on all aspects of marketing and selling to the government. Now Selling to the Government presents a big-picture view that outlines the many avenues businesses can take to reach out and sell to this elusive market.

Amtower shows you how to find information on the niches in U.S. government business that are ready for your product or service, while helping you analyze and use the marketing, advertising, and public relations tools you already have. Then he connects you with the right resources to further develop your knowledge in this market, including:

  • Free and low-cost research venues that help you determine the right path for your company
  • Trade publications that give you the latestdevelopments for your niche
  • Government associations and Web sites that give you further information, connections, and insight into at-the-minute developments
  • Online tools to determine the right schedule to follow in submitting your company for a bid

Selling to the Government offers the lowdown on the basics every company must master to tap into government markets. With fascinating stories of companies who have successfully developed their marketing strategies, incisive statistics, and helpful advice, this is the essential primer you need to break into and maintain your customer base in this profitable area.