Rosslyn Analytics . . . It’s The Real Thing!

Posted on January 20, 2011


JMP Securities included Rosslyn Analytics in its annual Hot 100 list because it is one of the fastest growing UK technology companies with a rapidly expanding global customer base across the private and public sectors.

from Press Release dated January 20th, 2011

What the title of today’s post lacks in originality, Rosslyn Analytics more than makes up in real-world, sink your teeth into it innovative substance.

In an industry that is rife with mother sentiment-type references (re you can always count on your Mom to say great things about you even if the facts tell a different story), and supposedly prestigious accolades through Good Housekeeping Seal industry analysts and watchers (refer to my recent post on the Gartner Group and their indirect “financial” relationship with Oracle who they recently awarded Magic Quadrant status for having supply chain vision and execution?), and one could be forgiven for having just the slightest bit of scepticism regarding yet another proclamation of purported greatness.

However, and like the extolling old adage that “deeds speak,” results or indisputable success in the case of Rosslyn Analytics, provide reliable testimony to both the company’s prowess and the shifting sensibilities of a market in transition.  In short, it comes as no surprise that the London-based company is hitting them out of the park so to speak, as the market as with increasing regularity, embraced the non-consultancy approach advocated by the vendor’s founder and CEO Charles Clark.  In fact, Clark so much as predicted the inevitability of this outcome in my October 18th, 2010 interview with him on the PI Window on Business (Rosslyn Analytics: The Tipping Point of Market Transformation).

In the end, responding to the needs of a changing market based on actual client requirements versus business model imperatives and, the subsequent response from the market in the form of a rapidly growing client base is all the testimony that ultimately matters to a real deal company.  And make no mistake, Rosslyn Analytics IS the real deal!