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SAP: No Longer an ERP Company? by Jon Hansen

November 1, 2013


When I was speaking before what I can only describe as being a great audience at Virginia’s Forum 2013 earlier this week – it has to be something in the water there because these people are remarkable in terms of their enthusiasm for procurement and desire for information – I touched on the decline of […]

The Origins and Evolution of a Paradigm Shift in Spend Management Technology – Jon Hansen on the Coupa Cabana

September 12, 2011


In addition to this week’s series on bridging the disconnect between finance and purchasing – which started today with the post Don’t sweat the small stuff? Why industry experts point to Indirect Material Spend as an important reservoir of untapped savings!, I also have a second series running over on the Coupa Cabana Blog regarding the […]

Rosslyn Analytics Recent Press Release Brings SaaS-based Technology to the Tipping Point of Market Transformation

October 14, 2010


“I believe the phrase “spend intelligence” to be misleading. To me, it sounds like a new take or sub-segment of business intelligence software applications which offer analytics and dashboard capabilities and sit on top of existing systems of record. The problem is that spend visibility and analytics is much more complex, requiring data cleansing, rationalization, […]

Riding the Crest of a New Wave: How the Original SaaS Companies Have Gained the Upper Hand (A Procurement Insights Knowledge Leadership Publication)

March 20, 2009


Out In Front of the Paradigm Shift “With tier one vendors such as Ariba and SAP moving into the SaaS space, a model upon which organizations such as Source One’s reputation and business have been built, it is in effect an admission that the traditional licensing model does not work. Because of what can only […]