Our First Month in Review

Posted on June 26, 2007


Having just completed the first month of the Procurement Insights (PI) blog I can’t help but think about an article I read shortly after my initial post in which Brian Gillooly talked about his new blog (CIO Nation).

What stood out to me in particular was his statement that he sees his new blog as a “platform” for him to communicate outward, and that he was confident that, before long, “it will become a thriving two-way street.”

While certainly sharing those same sentiments and aspirations for PI, I did not have an expectation in terms of actual numbers from a readership/response perspective.  Like Marconi sending out that first transatlantic signal, my hope was that the message would resonate with those who have the same passion for procurement as I do.

With ever so humble expectations (or non-expectations) I was overwhelmed with both the number of readers as well as the comments I received through a variety of mediums including traditional e-mail.

Overall PI had 14,752 post reads or an average of 491 reads per day.  A positive sign that the PI postings seem to have hit a note with its audience is illustrated by the following comments:

I had a copy of your blog forwarded to me and found the 4th installment very interesting . . . Very interesting and insightful stuff!”

“Right on the money . . . You are basically summing up the last ten years of my life, all of which are the first ten years of my professional career in procurement.”

“Your insights are what I have been saying all along . . . Keep up the fabulous work.”

We have even received coverage through other links such as association web sites and blogs.  One such link’s home page had this to say about PI:

Ran across an interesting blog by Jon Hansen the other day; https://procureinsights.wordpress.com/. It’s a new blog for procurement professionals, and has good information about supply chain management.”

As I continue to strive to deliver the kind of objective and unbiased insights that have hopefully been demonstrated in the first 5 segments of the 7 part Dangerous Supply Chain Myths series, I am committed to tackling the real-world challenges that define our profession.

Providing a unique perspective and understanding that has been gained through diligent research and frontline expertise, it is my intention to become a reliable resource for you and your team. Combined with the invaluable (and ongoing) feedback that I receive from procurement professionals who attend my award winning Changing Face of Procurement conference series, I am certain that this is an achievable goal which will ultimately be demonstrated by a growing and responsive readership.

Once again, I would like to thank you for your positive response and would encourage you to continue to write to me with any questions, topics or challenges you feel are worthy of further investigation or discussion.  In the meantime, and taking a page from my father’s book . . . upward and onward!

Next Installment: Dangerous Supply Chain Myths (Part 6) – Enablement of the Supply Management Organization

Conference Series 

To obtain a seminar outline for the Changing Face of Procurement conference series or to inquire about my new Dangerous Supply Chain Myths series, send us a note through the PI site or by way of direct e-mail to procureinsights@rogers.com.

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