To Whom Should Demand Planning Role Report: The Sales or Marketing Organization (And Why)? (A PI Q&A)

Posted on July 18, 2008


Network Member Question:

We recently had a Supply Chain group meeting that was attended by Supply Managers from various companies.  There was a hot debate and each one had a justification for their respective positions.  Looking for an expert opinion.

Ashish Mendiratta, Director Supply Chain, Philips Electronics India Ltd, India

My Answer:

Your question would appear to inadvertantly create the hierarchical elements of a vertically-aligned organization and therefore build rather than remove the partitions that impede collaborative communication. The result, as demonstrated by the continuing high rate of supply chain/e-procurement initiative failures (approximately 85% of all programs fail to achieve the expected returns), is a disconnect between critical stakeholders both within and external to the organization.

As a means of expanding on this important concept, I would like to direct you to Part 4 of my 7 Part Dangerous Supply Chain Myths Series.  (See the direct link under Additional Resources.)

In particular, note the results of a 2007 Aberdeen survey of CFO’s, and you will begin to understand why the “chain” of command relative to reporting is largely a moot point in the absence of a collaborative environment in which a “collective” best result outcome is identified and achieved.

NOTE: You will probably find the other parts of the series to be usefull as well, so I have included the main access link for your convenience.

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