eWorld: The Gateway Venue to the UK and Europe (eWorld Purchasing & Supply – A Revolution Event Profile)

Posted on October 2, 2008


In a  world of increasingly “same old, same old” and “been there, done that” experiences the eWorld franchise is a breath of fresh air . . . and not just because I was one of the speakers at this year’s conference in London.

While the mega-shows of years past, in which the venue landscape was dominated by the larger vendors flexing their financially inexhaustable marketing might, the nimble and innovative eWorld format has become the conduit between substance starved professionals and the emerging companies (and technologies) that promise to reshape supply chain practice for the next ten years and beyond.

It is indeed about time, as the contrast between the belt and suspenders mindset that has traditionally represented a virtually insurmountable barrier for the smaller, usually more technologically creative (nee advanced) vendors in terms of market awareness and penetration, and the growing sense of present day urgency relative to just getting it right (and working) means that procurement professionals and their senior executive have broadened their search for the “right” solution.  I would imagine that the 85% rate of failure on the part of most supply chain initiatives to even come close to achieving the anticipated results relative to increased efficiency and tangible savings has something to do with this dramatic change in perspective.

And the objective and reliably informative eWorld lens that focuses on the future movers and shakers of the supply chain world is what makes this conference the place to be!

Quiet Substance

What eWorld lacks in self-proclaimed fanfare, it more than makes up for in substance and insight.  Featuring organizations such as the IBX Group AB, whose symmetry between big corporate familiarity (they are owned in part by Ericsson, SEB and Novo Nordisk), and small business innovation delivers exceptional client value, eWorld provides a clarity of understanding that facilitates a meaningful exchange between important stakeholders.  

Augmented by industry relevant workshops and thought provoking seminars, eWorld is the ideal “springboard” for vendors looking to make an indelible mark in a market of usually suffocating irrelevance that by and large has collectively numbed an increasingly cynical business world.

For North American-based vendors, eager to test the potential viability of the “overseas” market, the conference represents the perfect first step into unkown waters. 

For “indigenous” vendors, the venue provides a familiar and proven format for building on existing relationships through a consistent and strategically sound presence.

For the attending supply chain professional, eWorld represents a pristine buffet of innovative thought and tangible solutions that have not been obfuscated by Madison Avenue rhetoric or self-serving executive oligarchy fraternization.  In short, it truly is a solid what you see, is what you get experience packaged in a manageable format that ensures maximum return on what must be considered a nominal investment by today’s standards. 

Why eWorld?

In the spirit of a famous line from one of my all time favourite movies, “Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, she walks into mine,” it would be a fair question to ask why, with all the conferences in the world I would choose to enthusiastically “champion” the virtues of a single event.

For those of you who are part of my regular readership, you already know that an important tenet of the Procurement Insights Sponsorship Program (which includes these profiles) is my total commitment to neutrality.  And while I will continue to leave the assessment surrounding the viability of the eWorld value proposition entirely in your hands, (as always, I will direct you to the Link To Our Sponsors section of the PI Blog to investigate the venue in greater detail, and at your own convenience), it would be a disservice to downplay the importance of this type of event based solely on an albeit sound edict of neutrality.

To borrow (and in this instance alter) another famous line, this time from a song, “In this world of over-rated successes, Of under-rated treasures, I’m so glad there is eWorld.”  (Note: for those trivia buffs, the song is I’m Glad There Is You (In This World Of Ordinary People.)  

Your own investigation of eWorld may very well help you to answer the question . . . why eWorld.

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