Newest PI Sponsor Receives Patent That Will Forever Change The Software Vendor Landscape (e-LYNXX Corporation)

Posted on December 5, 2008


In an upcoming profile article I will be be reviewing the value proposition of the e-LYNXX organization.

What will make this particular profile unique is that e-LYNXX recently received what has been described as a “landmark competitive procurement patent,” for an evolutionary methodology that will have a significant and far reaching impact on the supply chain industry as a whole, including tier one vendors such as Oracle, SAP and Ariba.

Known has the Gindlesperger Method, named after its inventor William Gindlesperger (see photo), the methodology forms the backbone for any computer-related system that manages the procurement of a specification-defined good or service.

The reason that Patent No. 7,451,106 hits so close to home for me personally is that the business method it now protects shares elemental roots in which the origins are similar to my extensive research on strand commonality and the use of advanced algorithms in the procurement process.  What Gindlesperger has done, is successfully bridge the gap between innovative theory and practical application to create a real-world solution that can deliver immediate value in the area of purchasing specification-defined goods or services.

Besides providing you with an excerpt of the press release for the patent itself, I have also included a link to an actual case reference that will help you to gain a practical understanding of how the Gindlesperger Methodology can be applied in an everyday situation.

In the upcoming week, I will expand upon the significance of this patent as well as drill down into the ubiquitous nature of its breakthrough methodology and related applications.

William Gindlesperger

William Gindlesperger

CHAMBERSBURG, PA – November 11, 2008 – A U.S. business method patent (Patent No. 7,451,106) that will change the way organizations buy specification-defined goods or services has been awarded to e-LYNXX Corporation, one of the leading procurement management firms in North America.  

“U.S.Patent No. 7,451,106 is revolutionary because it forms the backbone for any computer-operated system that manages the procurement of a specification-defined good or service.  Systems are available today through such companies as SAP, Ariba and Oracle that manage the procurement of inventoried items – those items that are mass produced and kept in a warehouse until they are ordered, such as through an on-line catalogue.  A specification-defined good or service is very different.  It must be ordered to precise specifications at the time of purchase.  Examples, to name a few, include commercial print, temporary staffing, textiles, transportation, trucking, and more,” said William Gindlesperger, inventor of the methodology for which the patent was awarded and founder and chief executive officer of e-LYNXX Corporation.  “The magnitude of the impact of this patent is enormous since 6 to 30 percent of a typical organization’s operating budget is attributable to the purchase of specification-defined goods and services before the organization can produce a product or deliver a service.  Every organization with an electronic procurement system designed to procure specification-defined goods or services – that follow the steps outlined in this new patent – will need a license to use the patent methodology.  This would apply to systems that are developed internally as well as systems obtained through third party brokers, procurement services and system providers.”

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