Next Level Purchasing’s SPSM2 designation relfects a commitment to continued developmental excellence

Posted on July 2, 2009


As both a seasoned speaker and lecturer who has had the privileged of addressing small classrooms of 20 people to 400 professionals at a keynote address, I understand the critical importance of maintaining the highest degree of relevancy in terms of present day insights and viable emerging practices within the procurement profession.

Many of the sessions at which I have spoken provided the attendees  with necessary credits towards a variety of professional designations from CPP to CPPB.  While all in attendance usually reflect a high level of commitment to individual career development  and even to the organizations with whom they are employed, each program offered a unique perspective and value.

What has always stood out to me personally about the Next Level Purchasing Senior Professional and Supply Manager “SPSM” Certification is its grassroots practicality based in large part on the front line experience and resulting expertise of its founder and President Charles Dominick.

Dominick, who recently announced the introduction of Next Level’s new SPSM2 certification program has an extensive background “working in and managing purchasing departments.”   In fact, Dominick states on the organization’s web site that in his nearly 10 years in the field, he was “responsible for various purchasing functions at a small manufacturer, a Fortune 500 airline, and a large, internationally renowned university.”

This cross pollination of sector insight has undoubtedly influenced Next Level’s focus on maintaining the ongoing relevancy of the course based on adaptable recognition of industry changes versus a sole adherence to traditional industry standards.  Or as Dominick likes to say, “Just as the profession doesn’t stand still, it’s certification shouldn’t stand still either.”

Building on this premise, Next Level Purchasing today congratulated the first SPSM2 graduate who ironically comes from the equally robust health care sector.  The following is the video coverage of what will most certainly become a steady stream of SPSM2 graduates over the next 12 months.

To learn more about the Next Level Purchasing SPSM2 certification program visit their Sponsor Profile Page here on the Procurement Insights Blog.