The Gathering Storm (What is Behind LinkedIn Policy Regarding Member Usage?)

Posted on July 30, 2009


I would have to say that my July 28th interview with Neal Schaffer (including the lead-up to the actual broadcast) was equal parts interesting, thought provoking and to a certain degree surreal.

While the segment answered as many questions as it created, based on the flurry of calls, e-mails and yes even responses to my posted questions, LinkedIn users are amongst  the most vocal and passionate group of social networkers with whom I have ever had the pleasure of interacting.

There were without a doubt a few interesting moments, and I am only talking about the off-air experiences, in which it was suggested that by merely broaching the ignitable subject of LinkedIn policy making I would suddenly find myself unceremoniously banished from the network’s kingdom.  Against this backdrop I cannot help but feel that LinkedIn is actually quite fortunate to have a membership base that is so strongly committed to the platform that copious amounts of time and energy are being spent debating and utilizing this particular social network.

That said there still remain a number of serious question that need to be answered especially as it pertains to social networks being viewed as an essential service warranting closer regulation?

And while a picture is worth a thousand words (yes, the PI Window on Business TV Channel will be launched at the end of August), I will direct your attention to the on-demand replay of the live show through the Icon Player below.

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August 11th – Intersecting Ideals: Why GMs Supply Chain is in a State of Ruin

Joining me today to discuss the GM situation as well as its broader implications in terms of emerging supply chain practices is Bill Michels. Michels, a three time honoree as a Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s “Pros To Know,” is also co-author of the book “Transform Your Supply Chain.”

August 18th – You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk Taking at Work and in Life

Executive coach and best-selling author, Libby Gill, who Dr. Phil has said “is one of those people who gets it” will be joining us to discuss her new book “You Unstuck: Mastering the New Rules of Risk-Taking at Work and in Life,” and how her proven process to clarify your vision, simplify your mission, and execute your plan can help you “get unstuck.”

August 19 – Today’s Care. Tomorrow’s Cure. (The Christopher & Dana Reeve Foundation)

In today’s program we welcome Kelly Heneghan and Sandra Kumorowski from the Chicago Chapter of the Foundation to talk about the services and the near horizon breakthroughs that the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation is championing through its many programs and events.

Other guests that are scheduled for August include Emptoris VP Kevin Potts, bestselling author Patrice-Anne Rutledge, Blueprint System’s Matt Morgan and the individual to whom the media refers to as the “Entrepreneur for entrepreneurs” Evan Carmichael.

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