Patrick Quirk Appointed CEO of Emptoris (My Preliminary Reaction)

Posted on October 1, 2009


Oracle has acquired GoldenGate, a leading provider of real-time data integration solutions. GoldenGate’s best-in-class solutions enable real-time data integration and management by capturing and delivering updates of critical information as the changes occur and providing continuous synchronized data across heterogeneous environments. Companies are expected to gain improved business intelligence across the enterprise, with more accurate and timely analysis of real-time business performance.

GoldenGate’s complementary product accelerates Oracle’s product strategy to manage real-time data integration through a comprehensive data integration platform. This combination is expected to deliver the fastest and most scalable real-time data integration solution for customers.

from the GoldenGate Web Site

Although the story that Emptoris’ search for a new CEO had ended was first confirmed publicly during my interview with Kevin Potts on the PI Window on Business Show this past Tuesday, I had been made aware of the new appointment the previous Friday – including of course who would be assuming the helm from the former CEO Avner Schneur.

As is my usual practice, I always try to view any situation through a unique lens in an effort to provide my reader or listener with a different and sometimes important perspective that might otherwise have been missed.

With that in mind, my first inclination was to check Mr. Quirk’s profile on LinkedIn.  The reason of course is quite simple, he likely created his own profile so the information may very well tell a more in depth story than the usual bios that accompany a press release.  This of course can help to provide some additional insight into why he was the right man for the Emptoris job.   By the way, here is the link to Patrick Quirk’s profile on LinkedIn.

For example, a posted reference from 2006 speaks to the energy and passion he will bring to an organization that is poised to make a global imprint commensurate with that of a future SaaS Titan:

“Patrick joined Keynote like a white tornado bringing with him enthusiasm, energy and an infectious optimism. It is clear that he is the man in charge but one who has great respect for the talents and humanity of his subordinates. He has the ability to make everyone around him want to join the party and do their best. He has increased not only our revenues but also our brand recognition.”

The fact that he has 463 contacts on LinkedIn demonstrates that at minimum he understands the emerging dynamics and importance of social media.  In particular how with the evolution to Web 3.0 and ultimately 4.0 the company can create a collective tapestry of supply chain efficiency out of seemingly disparate solution patches – think “Suite Trend.”

Of course if you also believe in the old axiom that you are known by the company you keep, of the four connections that we share on LinkedIn, 3 have more than 500.  Why is this important?  Well referencing an article I wrote in the summer of 2007 titled “Procurement’s Expanding Role and the Executive of the Future,” which discussed the results of a CPO Agenda Roundtable, one of the recognized attributes of a “new” CPO was the fact that they tended to be “wonderfully connected.”  Ironically, being connected whether internally or externally took precedence over experience within the supply chain world.  Which is why most senior executives felt that the best CPO candidates were individuals who did not have a purchasing background.  Do you see where I am going with this train of thought?

Patrick Quirk has energy and passion combined with a collaborative spirit that engages and unifies a team under one “collective” banner.  With his appreciation of the importance of interconnect-ability with people and the integrated synchronization of information you have a seasoned veteran with an eye towards the future.

At this point in their evolution, Emptoris could not have chosen a better individual to lead the organization toward the realization of their full potential as a major player in meeting the complex requirements of a client’s globalized supply chain.

The fact that Oracle purchased Patrick Quirk’s previous company lends creditability to this belief that he possesses the leadership skills that are necessary to produce results with his new company.

As I said in my previous post, 2009 is in deed a watershed year for Emptoris.

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