Seven Steps to Success: Jumpstart Government Contracts (A Buy American Perspective)

Posted on October 10, 2009


When the details of a new Buy American deal on the Stimulus is announced for Canada, YES, it will make a difference for the hundreds of Canadian companies that have decades-old relationships as trusted suppliers to state and local buyers — particularly in construction, wastewater, and HVAC.

When new rules come out, expect a lot of confusion as people try to figure out what they mean…because NO government procurement market access is universal. There are always fine points and exceptions, and you always have to follow the money to know what rules apply.

The ability to protest unfair treatment doesn’t mean you win in long term business even if you’re not being treated fairly.

For the new deal to have any real effect will also require Canadian companies to actively educate their supply chain and buyers . . . and the buyers will have to WANT to make the effort to understand new rules.

If the administration REALLY wanted it to work, it would also do some outreach among contracting officers making clear, “Here are the rules, and here’s how easy it is for you to use them and get good value from our trusted neighbors . . .”

This was the response I had received from Washington-based US public sector expert, author, speaker and consultant Judy Bradt.

With the Buy American exemption issue taking center stage in the general media we all of course gain at least a conceptual level understanding of its overall significance.  This is important.

However, translating this broad perspective into tangible, everyday terms that clearly outline the meaning to individual businesses – to your business, isn’t a simple undertaking.

Calculating the potential loss of revenue as well as identifying the opportunity for making new inroads into what is considered to be the largest market in the world requires a deeper examination and a little more time than what can be provided through the average evening news soundbite.

For this reason, and starting with the October 14th interview with US public sector expert Judy Bradt, the PI Window on Business will offer our listeners a series of interviews that will break down the key elements of the Buy American Policy.

These segments will drill down into the areas that will affect your business, and provide insights and direction on how you can minimize any negative impact while simultaneously maximize the opportunities of what is without a doubt a changing business landscape.

Remember to join us on October 14th at 12:30 PM EDT through the On-Demand Player below:

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Seven Steps to Success: Jumpstart Government Contracts

Judy Bradt has provided PI Window on Business with access to a series of PowerPoint presentations that deliver a detailed look at how businesses can win US Government Contracts.

Starting today, we will share these with you through the Procurement Insights Blog.  Whether you are on the Supplier side or Buyer side, the insights are invaluable in terms of understanding the key elements for doing business with the US Government.

Vodpod videos no longer available.