Motivating Ideals: How to Engage and Ignite Your Company’s Workforce

Posted on November 27, 2009


Taking another page out of Jim Collins’ book Good to Great, where he highlights a number of corporate myths, his research found (and I quote); “Companies that make the change from good to great have no name for their transformation – and absolutely no program. They neither rant nor rave about a crisis – and they don’t manufacture one where none exists. They don’t motivate people – their people are self-motivated. There’s no evidence of a connection between money and change mastery. And fear doesn’t drive change – but it does perpetuate mediocrity.”

While Collins’ book has been a veritable wellspring of knowledge and insight, the reference to the findings that companies and managers “don’t motivate people – their people are self-motivated,” stands out like the proverbial lighthouse on a foggy night.

This is one of the reasons why Rick Dacri’s book “Uncomplicating Management: Focus on Your Stars & Your Company Will Soar” was so interesting to me. Especially as it relates to employee motivation within a business entity.

The critical link between a company’s fortunes and the level of enthusiasm employees demonstrate through uncompromising effort and unquestionable pride in a job well done, seems to be absent in today’s mercenary employment climate.

So how does Collins’ reference companies, and Dacri’s put all your money on the smart kids edict mesh with the increasingly cynical world within which today’s businesses operate?

In the next 60 minutes we will attempt to answer this question, as well as other pressing questions regarding the ever-changing dynamics of managing employees to stardom and corporate success.

To assist me in this journey of discovery of course is author, speaker and consultant Rick Dacri.

Rick Dacri

About Rick:

Rick Dacri is one of those rare individuals who can take difficult employee issues, sort through their complexities, and find solutions for employers that make sense. Dacri is the author of the book Uncomplicating Management. Dacri brings more than 25 years of experience in senior management, organizational development, and human resources, all in one package. He has consulted to a wide variety of industries, large and small, always brings to the table a practical approach, sound advice, and a sense of humor.

Dacri’s consulting firm, Dacri & Associates, LLC helps organizations improve individual and organizational performance. Rick connects with people in a positive and challenging way to offer practical solutions.

Dacri is also a recognized national speaker and has authored over 100 articles for a number of business publications. He has been an adjunct professor at Clark University, Assumption College and Fitchburg State College, where he has taught courses in management, human resource management and organizational behavior. He has served as President of the Human Resource Association of Southern Maine, as the Massachusetts State Director for the Society of Human Resource Management as well as the President of the Human Resource Association of Central Massachusetts.

Rick’s Book:

Managers take note. Your job doesn’t have to be so complicated or so arduous. Use Dacri’s formula for uncomplicating the task of managing. “Rick Dacri knows how to break down the complexities of managing people. This motivating book offers straightforward advise that any manager in any sized organization can use on a daily basis.” -Nathan Poore, Town Manager, Falmouth, Maine “This book packs a powerful punch in areas that managers and entrepreneurs absolutely MUST be savvy in. Leave theory behind! Uncomplicating Management is full of insightful advice from a hands-on management approach. The bottom line is that it works!” – Maureen Regan, President, Seaside Vacation Rentals “…brilliance and simplicity…I love the ‘differentiate between the bright light and dim glow’ reference.’ I’ve never seen it/heard it before but it made me smile. This is such an important topic and seems to have been seriously overlooked in our management practices. You have captured it beautifully in describing how much effort and how many resources we put into the creation of systems to trap and punish the poor performers while the stars go under-appreciated. Makes me sit up and take notice.” – Kathy Hessel, Vice President, Human Resources, Carroll Enterprises.

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