Blog Talk Radio’s Host Tip of the Week Interesting . . . But There is More!

Posted on January 8, 2010


Of the many things I like about Blog Talk Radio is the community itself. The ability to connect with other hosts and listeners provides an invaluable opportunity to exchange ideas and share experiences in a truly collaborative environment.

In fact, in my book “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds,” I emphasize this point by comparing it to traditional mediums such as television, in which networks “compete against one another for ratings.” Conversely, “BTR hosts are collectively making an important contribution to the platform’s success,” which benefits all shows.

That said when I had the opportunity to read the recent “Host Tip of the Week” on the Blog Talk Radio blog which offered advice on getting great guests, I thought that I would throw in my “proverbial” two-cents.

Whether a guest or a host or for that matter a listener, I am of course interested in your thoughts. As a result I am pleased to share both the original post by BTR’s Christie Sweet along with my response (and yes the inclusion of the reviews for my book are a blatant attempt to entice you to buy the book).

Radio Has Never Sounded Better!

Host Tip of the Week: How to Get Great Guests

Happy New Year! I want to talk about taking your show to the next level in 2010. Many hosts have asked me this question: What is the secret to getting great guests?

Although hosts go about it many different ways, there are steps you can take to secure guests that you can be proud of, just by doing some extra work and being yourself. Charisma and persistence will take you a long way. BlogTalkRadio hosts who snag great guests did not always have connections, most had to learn this as well.

So, what steps should you take to get quality guests? Here are some tips and we encourage hosts who have found other methods to post their advice in the comments.

First, decide what type of guest you want and do a little research to find out who represents them. If your ideal guest is an author, his or her publishing company, as well as representation information, is often listed within the book (usually in the very front or back). If you are interested in a Hollywood celebrity, your best point of contact might be their PR representative. Find their contact information by searching the name of the celeb followed by PR, or establish a premium account with the Internet Movie Database. Premium accounts have access to the most accurate information (oh, and BlogTalkRadio is in no way affiliated with IMDB).

Next, make a list with every potential guest that comes to mind, from the easily accessible to the guest that seems out of reach.

Now, make contact! If you prefer to use email, here is an example of a format that works.

Dear (potential guest’s name),

My name is (your name here) from BlogTalkRadio.

I host a live, Internet Talk Radio show called (your show name here), and I would like to have you on my show to promote your new (book, screenplay, movie, cd). You can be a guest simply by using a telephone and a computer from anywhere in the world. You will have the potential to reach hundreds of thousands of listeners and I will promote your new (book, CD, movie, etc..) on my show page so my listeners can just click on it to purchase. We have hosted everyone from Obama to Brad Pitt. We would love to have you on the (name of show) sometime in the next few months. Let’s discuss a time. Is daytime or evening better? You can contact me at (phone number) or email me at (email address).

(Your name)

Feel free to also use this basic approach over the phone. Be persistent!

Best of luck with your BlogTalkRadio shows in 2010,
Christie Sweet

My humble response:

Thank you for sharing this information Christie.

Below I have provided just a few examples of the comments I have received from guests on the PI Window on Business Show.

The key to attracting guests is to find the optimal intersection of collective interest, which occurs when those subjects about which I am most passionate converge with both the hot topics of the day and the ready availability of the thought leaders to be interviewed.

This passion will enable you to facilitate a discussion that stimulates a meaningful and enthusiastic exchange which makes each guest feel as if it were the first time they were being interviewed versus the hundredth or thousandth time.

The end result is that everyone comes away from their BTR experience with the feeling that they have been part of something special, and that the investment of one of their most important assets which is time has been very well spent.

It is the difference between the dissemination of known information in which there is merely an exchange of questions and answers, and a show that engages and informs in a way that is unique and entertaining.

One of my guests, Marsha Friedman who is a syndicated talk show host and well-known PR expert had this to say about both her experience as a guest (and of course my new book):

“Jon – I absolutely loved the discourse!!! You are truly an amazing master with words – your argument closed me completely on your viewpoint!

By the way, my staff and I are reading your book as I’m seriously contemplating having a show on blogtalkradio – you’ve been an inspiration!”

In another instance, author and top real estate professional Jennifer Allan demonstrated that even if you as a host are covering material that has been discussed 1,000 times, you can still draw out a unique perspective that even Jennifer as my guest had not contemplated:

“Hey, if you have a minute (okay, an hour) in the middle of the day today (12:30 eastern), please consider tuning in for my interview on the Introvert Experience with Jon Hansen! He sent me an outline of the program last night and yipes! He has some good questions – ones I’ve never answered before… some I’ve never even thought much about.”

In the end, and I have to emphasize this again, it is not the venue itself and the opportunity to talk to a new audience that entices a guest, but one in which they are also stimulated and enthused.

As a side note, and based on their experiences, I have more than half a dozen guests who are now testing the Blog Talk Radio waters as a host through the PI Window on Businesses’ guest hosting segments.

For these shows, which features thought leaders and bestselling authors, I am assuming the role of producer and theme developer (including subject matter research and question preparation). While offering the PI Window on Business audience with exciting and diverse new programming, the guest host program provides some really amazing people with an opportunity to become hosts at a pace that is more conducive to their busy schedules, and comfortable in that they are not flying solo out of the gate.

In the meantime, and has mentioned earlier, here are the reviews from past guests regarding their BTR experience and of course on my new book “Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds (Confessions of a Blog Talk Radio Host)” which is now available in both eBook and paperback versions through the following link. (Note: the book will also be released through Amazon and Barnes and Noble later this month.)

Available in Paperback or eBook Version


“From all my experience dealing with the media, I must say that Jon is best of class. After talking with Jon and then being interviewed on-air by him, I would recommend him to anyone. He is thoughtful, curious, affirming, intellectually stimulating, and superbly well-informed. I’ve come away from every conversation with Jon feeling energized and looking forward to the next one. I’m rushing now to buy his book, and I encourage others to do the same.”

John Ullmen, Ph.D. Executive Coach, Author of WHiCH BIRD GETS HEARD? HOW TO HAVE IMPACT EVEN IN A FLOCK, and lecturer at the UCLA Anderson School of Management

“I’ve done a ton of radio in my career as an executive coach, branding expert and author. Being on air with Jon Hansen is one of the most engaging, dynamic and enjoyable media experiences I’ve ever had!

To say you can learn about radio from Jon’s new book is a total understatement. What Jon can teach you about connecting with your audience is truly life-changing. Read it and share your message. But only after you’ve done your homework!”

Libby Gill, Executive Coach & Author of YOU UNSTUCK (and branding brain behind the Dr. Phil Show)

“Jon’s book is NOT a technical manual on starting your own podcast; there are plenty of those available. In ’Your Show Will Go Live in 5 Seconds’ Hansen shares his experience as one of Blog Talk Radio’s most impressive success stories and how you can do it too! His focus is on the show and more importantly, on the audience. Jon tells you how to develop a relationship with the audience by facilitating a sincere connection with your guests. ’Your Show Will Go Live…’ transcends podcasting; it’s a must read for anyone who aspires to the major leagues as a talk show host on any platform.”

Jim Bouchard Speaker, coach & author of Dynamic Components of Personal POWER and Think Like a Black Belt – Host of the Black Belt Mindset PowerPOD show,

“I had the privilege of being interviewed by Jon last week. We had an interesting brief discussion prior to my going ′Live with JON′. What fascinated me initially was the fact that Jon was already asking intriguing questions, as if he had spent hours and hours conducting research on who I was, what I stood for and how we could relate. Jon has the unique ability to connect with his guests, from an intellectual level, emotional level, spiritual level and just plain down to earth level.

This book is a wonderful gift for anyone who shares the passion to communicate with others, on radio, on TV or live.”

Roz Usheroff
Leadership, Image and Branding Specialist
Bestselling Author of ′Customize Your Career′

“Jon’s book is as informative and enjoyable to read as listening to his BTR shows are. I was fortunate to be a recent guest on his show (but before I knew about this book) and found our conversation to be one of the easiest and enjoyable radio interviews I’ve done. Not ‘easiest’ in the sense that it took no effort because there was a lot of effort expended by Jon prior to the interview. Rather, ‘easiest’ in that Jon did all the hard work beforehand to prepare me and then made it so comfortable and engaging to talk to him during the show. I can’t believe the show went as quickly as it did. In no time, Jon was saying, ‘Well, we’re about to run over our time limit, Michael can you stay a bit longer.’

If you’re serious about personal branding in Social Media and either want to host or be a guest on BTR, then you owe it to yourself to READ THIS BOOK!”

Michael Kreppein, Inquisix Reputation Network & Guest

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