Seven Steps To Success in Government Contracting: Marketing

Posted on July 26, 2010


“People Buy from whom they know, like and trust.”

During the previous six segments of this seven part series with expert author Judy Bradt in which we have talked about success in government contracting, this immutable truth has been consistently presented as a key tenet for effectively penetrating the government marketplace and positioning oneself for the greatest likelihood for winning business.

This includes winning what Judy has often times referred to as a legitimate and transparent preference with the buyer.

In this the seventh and final segment in Judy’s critically acclaimed Seven Steps To Success: Jump Start Government Contracts Series, we will examine what it truly means to market against this backdrop of interpersonal relationship building versus brochure distribution that list product features, functions and benefits.

Just a reminder that this entire series has been recorded and is conveniently available on an on-demand basis through the Seven Steps To Success Show Page on the Procurement Insights Blog (right hand index).

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