Stockholm Dispatch 3 – Integrity of Sharing a Key Aspect of the IBX Capgemini Summit

Posted on October 10, 2010


While I am sitting here in the Airport in New Jersey (and please no comments about contests in which first prize is a week in New Jersey, while second prize is two weeks in New Jersey), I thought that I would get off a quick dispatch about the just concluded IBX Capgemini Summit in Stockholm, Sweden.

Besides delivering a keynote on the emergence of social media and social networking as a critical tool in establishing and building a sustainable “communication” brand – a presentation that will be available on an on-demand basis over the next few days, I also served as conference moderator.  In short I had the opportunity to do one of the things I love which is to stand before and engage a live audience through an energetic dialogue.

Now as you can imagine, I have addressed audiences of all sizes ranging from 10 to 20 people to as many as 400 plus.  In each and every instance regardless of size, I have tried to create an intimate environment in which real and meaningful insights could be shared to everyone’s benefit.

While I have been consistently successful at greasing the conversational wheel so to speak at the conferences in which I have had the privilege of speaking, I can honestly say without any hesitation whatsoever, that the IBX Capgemini Summit was one of those rare instances in which an indigenous attitude of collaboration was already present and notable from the get go.

Over the next week I will be sharing with you the specific instances that best illustrate the above observation including compelling examples in the form of presentation summaries by leading procurement executives from organizations such as DHL, Thomas Cook and Pirelli Tire.

I will also be uploading on-demand recordings of specific sessions – Thomas Cook CPO Nikolaus Kirner’s talk regarding the integration of procurement during a merger and acquisition is another one of those “must listen” broadcasts, along with the corresponding PowerPoints.  While it is always better to be there in person, these links should to a large extent help to recreate both the atmosphere and energy that marked a tremendous two-days in the Swedish Capital.  The links will also demonstrate what I like to call an “integrity of sharing,” which will come through loud and clear by way of the honest dialogue and willing disclosure on the part of the presenters relative to what has worked and what has not worked.

For this reason alone the IBX Capgemini Summit, which has grown from its early days of 19 people coming together under the moniker of “The Club,” to today’s 150 plus power group, provides one of the most compelling reasons for prospective clients to seriously consider the services oriented offerings from these recently united companies.  After all, knowledge is power . . . which ultimately leads to success.

To access all Summit related information, visit the IBX Capgemini Event Page here on the Procurement Insights Blog.