2010 Will Be A Tough Year to Top . . .

Posted on January 8, 2011


Recently the good people at WordPress, who are the gracious hosts for the PI Social Media Network’s stable of blogs . . . I guess that stable would be the right word, provided a rather exceptional report on individual blog performances for the past year.

This was a great service on a number of levels, delivering useful data on everything from a contextual reference point relating to the total number of reads, to identifying the top 5 individual posts as well as a visual barometer indicating their expert take on a particular blog’s success.

The PI Social Media’s blogs got terrific reviews, indicating that each one in its own unique way is resonating with its target audience. (Note: see below for a complete listing of our blogs.)

Unfortunately, and as I was informed by WordPress, this was a pilot project to test the response waters from a select number of the more than 335,132 bloggers (at least that is the number today), as to whether they should make it a permanent service. While I received reports for 4 of the 6 blogs that I write and manage, sadly the PI Window on Business Blog was not included in the test run.

As a result, I thought that if the mountain won’t come . . . and therefore following a similar format I decided to take a closer look at the PI Window Blog. Here are the results:

  • The total number of unique reads grew from 14,339 in 2009 to 173,769 in 2010
  • The biggest single day in terms of reads was August 5th, 2010 with 2,939

Here are the top 5 posts for 2010 (with corresponding links):

Stories of Origin: true historical fact or colorful fiction? More stats 48,235
Maybe not politically correct but . . . choose your funniest video! More stats 28,247
How To Get Fired: Help Someone In Need! More stats 13,080
Should Pot Be Legalized? More stats 7,000
Pepsi’s Sugar, Childhood Obesity and Twitter’s Swiss Cheese More stats 5,974

Suffice to say, going from 14,000 individual or unique reads in 2009 to more than 173,000 in 2010 is going to be a tough act to follow, but is certainly an indication regarding how far social media in general has come since the launch of our flagship Procurement Insights Blog.

By the way, and as promised, here are the blogs and related media that are managed under the PI Social Media Banner. Be sure to check them out, as well as the new 49th Parallel Forum blog which is a collaborative effort with the incomparable Jim Bouchard author of the bestselling Think Like a Black Belt book and my co-combatant on the Blog Talk Radio Show of the same name.

PI Social Media (Blogs):

Procurement Insights (2007, Total Posts: 729)

PI Window on Business (2009, Total Posts: 457)

Essential Connections (2010, Total Posts: 83)

Contracting Intelligence (2010, Total Posts: 43)

True Profiler (2010, Total Posts: 17)

Light of Love (2008, Total Posts: 38)

49th Parallel Forum (collaboration w/Jim Bouchard launched Jan. 2011)

PI Social Media (Internet Radio):

PI Window on Business on Blog Talk Radio (2009, Total Listens: 114,422 & Show Page Views: 59,717)

49th Parallel Forum on Blog Talk Radio (collaboration w/Jim Bouchard launched Jan. 2011)

PI Social Media (Internet TV):

PI Inquisitive Eye – Youtube (2008, Channel Views: 2,101, Upload Views: 17,868)

Top Viewed Videos:

1. IEE Study (Beyond Lean Six Sigma): 5,061 (Released 2008)

2. Governor Jan’s Right (Here’s Proof): 1,226 (Released 2010)

3. An Unimaginable Journey (Pepsi): 1116 (Released 2010)

PI Inquisitive Eye – USTREAM (2010, Note: USTREAM was used predominantly as a production vehicle for shows that were uploaded to Youtube. In 2011 we will commence our “LIVE” broadcast schedule on USTREAM)

Top Viewed Videos:

1. Spend Intelligence & Botox: 4,554 (Released 2010)

2. Penn Skeptical About Jean’s Motives: 1,645 (Released 2010)

3. Profiler Pat Brown (The Dating Game Killer): 386

PI Social Media (Business Media Channels):

SlideShare (2008, Document/Presentation Views: 113,977)


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