Larry ‘s Ellison Nightmare About SaaS Vendor Zombies (UPDATE)

Posted on February 21, 2011


POST UPDATE (October 27th, 2011): Oracle’s Larry Ellison used to have nightmares about cloud-based SaaS Zombies. With the purchase of RightNow Technologies is he now one of them!

Over the next few weeks we will be profiling leaders from the business world who have and continue to leave a indelible impression on the face of Corporate America.

However, while we will be calling on the expertise of a renown criminal profiler to provide you with a unique view into the psyche’s of these captains of industry, occasionally throughout the series we will take a little artistic license and provide our take on what we believe is in the minds of these individuals beyond the assumed two monkeys and a YoYo.

This week we have rare footage from a Larry Ellison SaaS Zombies nightmare . . .and who is that with Ellison?


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