10 cloud computing companies to watch; Did NetworkWorld get it right?

Posted on June 8, 2011


I always enjoy it when industry pundits (myself included) put on their Carnac The Magnificent hats in an attempt to predict future industry trends.

It is a fun exercise that at the end of the day represents a combination of expertise, inside knowledge and perhaps just a touch of the bursitis that enabled my grandfather to predict that a storm was on the near horizon.

Back in May 2009, Network World’s Jon Brodkin wrote an article titled 10 cloud computing companies to watch, in which he attempted to identify the emerging leaders from the world of cloud computing.

While the attempt to create the list was backed by what I am certain was prodigious research, the difficulty with such an undertaking is that the cloud is ubiquitous in that there are so many different areas of operation that extend beyond the traditional technology driven parameters used to establish the list.

Yes I know that NetSuite is listed as one of the top 10 players to watch, as is Salesforce.com, however these still fall within what I consider to be the multi-tenancy, public platforms that represent the first generation public domain providers versus the meta-enterprise private hubs associated with true SaaS models.

So here is the question . . . well actually two questions; 1) in terms of present day cloud computing do the following 10 organizations listed in Brodkin’s article still warrant watching:

  1. Amazon
  2. AT&T
  3. Enomaly
  4. Google
  5. GoGrid
  6. Microsoft
  7. NetSuite
  8. Rackspace
  9. RightScale
  10. Salesforce.com

The second question is more interactive as I am turning to you our readers to ask you who you would list as (and let’s make the task a little easier), the top 3 to 5 cloud computing players to watch in 2011.  So prospective Carnac’s here is your chance to shine!