Max Henry of CHaINA Magazine comments on Gartner Post

Posted on June 17, 2011


Besides being delighted that I can count amongst my readership publications from around the world, the following comment from Max Henry of CHaINA Magazine regarding both of my previous posts on Gartner and the overall state of the analyst industry as a whole, speaks directly to the issue of these firms’ declining creditability in the market.

How objective and accurate is the Gartner AMR Supply Chain Top 25?

Every year, the industry awaits the results of the much heralded AMR Supply Chain Top 25 ranking. The list is intended “to raise awareness of the supply chain discipline and how it impacts business”. To view it, click on

For professionals based in Asia who deal with supply chain and manufacturing on an operational level, AMR ranking is surprising to say the least, with companies like Apple and Wal-Mart making the top 10 despite their overall practices with suppliers and poor CSR efforts in Asia.

How relevant is this ranking given that most of these companies outsource their manufacturing to suppliers and contract manufacturers plagued with CSR issues in Asia?

Why is Apple #1 when its supply chain and product launch have been constantly affected by parts and labor shortages, not mentioning the lack of transparency on its CSR efforts. AMR praised in his report Apple’s “embedded innovation, networked supply and demand shaping”. Interesting comment when most of its innovation is now driven by its contract manufacturers (e.g. Foxconn) and when its demand forecast has been quite poor with the iPad.

How much do the researchers at Gartner or AMR know on how these companies really operate in Asia? Do they have people on the ground to check the extent of the companies’ value chain network which the “integration” is praised so much in the report?

Last but not least, how biased is the ranking given many of the Supply Chain Top 25 companies are Gartner’s clients? Recently, other Gartner rankings like the IT Magic Quadrant has been under heavy fire for being everything from merely subjective to rewarding companies that have paid Gartner the most money for its services. Gartner is well known in the industry for rewarding those who pay for it.

What’s your take on AMR’s Top 25 Supply Chain? Accurate or way off? Do you agree or disagree with that ranking?

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