My series on the history of spend management and evolution from traditional ERP solutions has attracted record numbers in terms of readers . . .

Posted on September 21, 2011


When COUPA asked me to write a multi-part series on the history of spend management and the evolution from traditional ERP players to the new Titans of SaaS as I have called them, I never honestly considered nor anticipated the level of reader response.  I never do, as I have always written about those subjects for which I have the greatest interest and passion.  In other words write it and let the readership chips fall where they may.

Despite this approach to the creative process, I have to admit that I was happy and as always a little surprised when the readership numbers for Part 1 in the series came through.

According to COUPA, they normally average 500 impressions per post, but with my first instalment they had 2,523, with an overall increase in blog traffic of 38%.

Now as a talk  radio host I always attribute solid listener numbers to a combination of the timeliness of the subject matter being discussed and the calibre of the guest or guests.  In this case the topic is definitely one that is of intense interest to many as spend management along with the mainstream acceptance of SaaS-based solutions as a viable alternative to traditional ERP platforms do in reality provide a means for companies to navigate the complex waters of a global marketplace during a challenging economic period.

That being said I would encourage you to check out Part 1 as well as all subsequent posts in the The Origins and Evolution of a Paradigm Shift in Spend Management Technology series on the COUPA Cabana Blog.

In the meantime, watch for my next series here on the Procurement Insights Blog later in the week.